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You know you have a passion for design and the will to create. Now find out exactly what's what in your chosen design field: what it can offer you, what it will demand of you, and what you can expect the field to be really like.

Find out how to land a job with your favorite gaming company. Learn what it takes to be a successful fashion designer. Get the skinny on what's hot in interior design. Know how much graphic designers earn.

If you're determined to be the next great designer, start reading one of the guides below and prepare for a new career in the field of design.

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  1. Interior Design Calendar of Events 2010 (June - December )

    A calendar of design events located throughout the US Read More

  2. What It Takes to Be a Freelance Graphic Designer

    The tools and procedures necessary to make it as a freelance graphic designer. Read More

  3. What Skills Will I Learn as a Graphic Designer?

    Graphic designers must learn many technical and artistic skills in order to be competitive in the workplace. Read More

  4. Putting Together a Graphic Design Portfolio

    Securing a job after graduation from a graphic design program can be challenging. Read More

  5. Retail Space and Interior Design

    A look at the interior design of retail space. Read More

  6. How to Land a Great Internship for Computer Animation

    Companies that specialize in computer animation are looking for people who have both technical and artistic skills. Read More

  7. How to Land a Great Internship for Fashion Design

    Tips about how to get a fashion internship. Read More

  8. Graphic Design for the Advertising Industry

    General advice for young graphic designers with an advertising focus. Read More

  9. How Competitive is the Field of Fashion Design?

    The world of fashion design is cut-throat competitive for those just entering the field as well as the veterans. Read More

  10. Changing Trends in Fashion Design

    Fashion is a constantly changing industry and foreseeing what will be in next is as elusive as it can be lucrative. Read More

  11. Scholarships for your education

    Look around the web will inform you that there are millions of dollars swilling around to pay for your education Read More

  12. What is graphic design?

    Graphic Design is the art of presenting information to the public or to a specific group and the study of visual communications. Read More

  13. Hands on Fashion Design

    Work as a Fashion Designer Read More

  14. An Eye on Interior Design

    New: California Interior Designers can Achieve Certification Through a Single Exam Read More

  15. The 10 Best Interior Design Websites

    The 10 Best Interior Design Websites in the Whole Wide World Read More

  16. What is design?

    The word design has such scattered applications Read More

  17. Graphic Design Schools in CA

    Searching out graphic design schools in California Read More

  18. Thoughts on Graphic Design

    Should you aim for a two or four year degree in graphic design? Read More

  19. Other Photography sites

    A list of other photography related sites Read More

  20. A Focus on Photography

    Landscape Photos With Lens Suggestions Read More

  21. Web Design help | best web design practices

    Website Design: Usability in Opposition to Accessibility Read More

  22. A Brief Comparison of Accredited Interior Design Programs in Southern California

    The accredited interior design programs in southern California offer a variety of excellent courses that will make you into a professional able to meet the needs of tomorrow. Read More

  23. A Day in the Life of a Fashion Designer

    Fashion designers usually have a long work day filled with many different responsibilities. Read More

  24. A Day in the Life of a Game Designer

    What the job of game designer really entails. Read More

  25. An Overview of Courses for Your Computer Animation Degree

    A computer animation degree requires courses in 3D design and animation of characters and sets. Read More

  26. An Overview of Courses for Your Game Design Degree

    What coursework is needed for a degree in game design? Read More

  27. Graphic Design Course Overview For Your Degree

    A graphic design degree will require a wide assortment of courses to prepare you for a wide number of career options. Read More

  28. Become a Commercial Interior Designer

    This article discusses the requirements for becoming a commercial interior designer and the duties involved. Read More

  29. Visual Merchandising Careers – Basic Requirements & Training

    Job description and course requirements for becoming a visual merchandiser. Read More

  30. Benefits of Interior Design School

    The benefits for students who plan to attend interior design school. Read More

  31. Building Your Computer Animation Portfolio

    Learn how to build the perfect omputer animation portfolio. Read More

  32. Building Your Fashion Design Portfolio

    Learn how to build the perfect fashion design portfolio to land the perfect job. Read More

  33. Career Options for Fashion Designers

    Fashion designers have many career options to choose from. Read More

  34. Career Options for Game Designers

    Are you curious about career options available to you as a game designer? Read More

  35. Commercial Space and Interior Design

    A guide to commercial space and how it relates to interior design. Read More

  36. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in Fashion Design

    What is Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for Fashion Design? Read More

  37. Does Computer Animation Apply to Other Fields of Study?

    Different applications for computer animation. Read More

  38. Does Fashion Design Apply to Other Fields of Study?

    A degree in fashion design will help graduates with many different fields of study. Read More

  39. Does Graphic Design Apply to Other Fields of Study?

    Graphic design jobs are available in a number of different career fields. Read More

  40. Does Interior Design Apply to Other Fields of Study?

    A list of possible educational and career opportunities where interior design can be applied Read More

  41. Things to consider before choosing a Graphic Design School

    There are a multitude of graphic design schools and programs located throughout the United States. Read More

  42. Gain Exposure in Student Fashion Design Contests

    How to make a name for yourself while you're still in school. Read More

  43. Game Design Training for the PC Platform

    Educational requirements and tips for a PC game designer. Read More

  44. Game Design Training for Video Game Consoles

    Educational requirements and tips for a video console game designer. Read More

  45. Getting Hired as a Graphic Designer

    Discussing how to get your first job in the graphic design industry. Read More

  46. Graphic Design Career Options

    An overview of various graphic designer career paths. Read More

  47. Graphic Design for the Publishing Industry

    General advice for young graphic designers with a publishing focus. Read More

  48. Graphic Design Schools and Universities

    Take a look at some of these graphic design schools and universities. Read More

  49. How Competitive is the Field of Computer Animation?

    Computer animation is a highly competitive field to get into these days depending on which direction you intend to go Read More

  50. How Competitive is the Field of Game Design?

    Different fields in life carry varying degrees of competitiveness. Find out how competitive game design is. Read More

  51. How Competitive is the Field of Graphic Design?

    Although the competition for new graphic designers can be intense, there are many different opportunities for those determined to succeed. Read More

  52. How Do I Choose an Interior Design School?

    Information about interior design education you should know before you enroll. Read More

  53. How Long Does Computer Animation School Take?

    Computer animation school requires 4 years of study to earn a bachelor's degree in computer animation. Read More

  54. How Long Does Fashion Design School Take?

    Fashion design school requires two to six years of study depending upon the degree one pursues. Read More

  55. How Long Does Graphic Design School Take?

    Graphic design school takes from two to six years depending upon the degree being sought. Read More

  56. How to Be a Successful Fashion Designer

    Becoming a successful designer requires more than a degree from a fashion institute. Read More

  57. How to Be a Successful Game Designer

    There are basic principles and traits that all successful game designers have in common. Read More

  58. How to Become a Successful Residential Interior Designer

    The responsibilities of a residential interior designer. Read More

  59. How to Choose a Computer Animation School

    Factors to consider when choosing a computer animation school. Read More

  60. How to Choose a Fashion Design School

    Attending fashion design school – what you should look for when choosing an institution. Read More

  61. How to Choose a Game Design School

    Choosing a game design school can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what questions to ask. Read More

  62. How To Get A Great Internship For Graphic Design

    Looking for a great internship opportunity isn't much different from looking for a great job. Read More

  63. How to Land a Job with Your Favorite Gaming Company

    Consider the following tips to make your name stand out above the rest so you’ll be in a better position to get the gaming job of your dreams. Read More

  64. Interior Architecture

    A guide to interior architecture. Read More

  65. Interior Decorator or Interior Designer: What's the Difference?

    This article explains the difference between and interior decorator and an interior designer. Read More

  66. Interior Design & Furniture

    A look at the connection between furniture and interior design. Read More

  67. Interior Design Going Green

    Ways that interior design and designers are going green. Read More

  68. Interior Design: Post Graduate Education Options

    Post graduate design degree programs, required courses, and how they prepare designers to enter the field of interior design. Read More

  69. Interior Design Professional Societies

    A guide to professional interior design societies. Read More

  70. Interior Design Schools

    A look at the different types of interior design schools and programs. Read More

  71. Internships in Interior Design

    Information for interior design students on internships. Read More

  72. Is a Computer Animation Degree Right for You?

    Evaluate your skills and career expectations to decide whether a computer animation degree is the right choice for you. Read More

  73. Kitchen and Bath Design

    A guide on interior design and the hottest trends designers find in the kitchen and bathroom. Read More

  74. Networking in the Field of Computer Animation

    Networking is a critical component of finding work in the field of computer animation. Read More

  75. Networking in the Field of Fashion Design

    The importance of networking effectively in the fashion field. Read More

  76. Networking in the Field of Game Design

    How to networking in the field of game design. Read More

  77. Networking in the Field of Graphic Design

    Graphic design and the importance of networking. Read More

  78. Production Design

    A guide to production design and designers. Read More

  79. Put Your Fashion Sense to Work for You

    Career avenues in the fashion field for individuals with an interest in fashion design. Read More

  80. Tap Into Your Inner Interior Designer

    How to tap into your inner interior designer to create visually appealing room designs Read More

  81. Interior Design Graduate Schools

    A look at the best interior design graduate schools. Read More

  82. Interior Design Online Schools

    A look at the best online schools for interior design students. Read More

  83. The Difference Between Interior Design and Interior Decorating

    A look at the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. Read More

  84. The Dream Job for the Gamer in You

    Many intense gamers have what it takes to begin a successful game design career. Read More

  85. The Importance of Attending an Accredited Interior Design Program

    Information about accreditation for interior design programs, and how attending an accredited school is important to a student's future. Read More

  86. Trends in 3D Modeling

    Usage and Design Trends in 3D Modeling Read More

  87. Trends in Computer Animation

    Trends and uses of applications of computer animation. Read More

  88. Trends in Game Design

    Looking at the latest gaming trends can give gamers an idea of what a game designer is working on for a new release. Read More

  89. Trends in the Graphic Design Field

    Trends in graphic design Read More

  90. What Does a Computer Animator Do?

    A computer animator creates a moving picture from a series of still photos by using a computer and special software. Read More

  91. What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

    What is graphic design, and what does a graphic designer do? Read More

  92. What is the Job Outlook for Computer Animation?

    The field of computer animation is expected to continue to grow and create more jobs and job security for animators well into the next decade. Read More

  93. What is the Job Outlook for Fashion Design?

    Fashion designers can look forward to a positive job outlook which offers job security and jobs for new grads who are well prepared. Read More

  94. What is the Job Outlook for Game Design?

    Are you interested in a career in game design but fearful of the job outlook? Learn the truth in the article below. Read More

  95. What Is the Job Outlook for Interior Design?

    According to statistics from the 2010, US Department of Labor, the interior design field is expected to grow faster than average through the year 2016 Read More

  96. What It Takes to be a Freelance Computer Animator

    Factors that determine success as a freelance computer animator. Read More

  97. What It Takes to be a Freelance Fashion Designer

    Do you have what it takes to become a freelance fashion designer? Read More

  98. What Skills Will I Learn as a Fashion Designer?

    Important skills for fashion designers to learn include draping, fashion sketching, and clothing construction. Read More

  99. What Skills Will I Learn as a Game Designer?

    Skills that will need to be developed to be a successful game designer. Read More

  100. What Skills Will I Learn as an Interior Designer?

    An overview of the skills needed and obtained while studying interior design. Read More

  101. What to Expect in Your First Year as a Fashion Designer

    Knowing what to expect the first year is important for anyone becoming a fashion designer. Read More

  102. What to Expect in Your First Year as a Game Designer

    Learn what to expect in your first year as a game designer. Read More

  103. What to Expect in Your First Year as a Graphic Designer

    Graphic designers can expect to continue learning throughout their first year on the job. Read More

  104. What's Hot in Interior Design

    A look at what's hot and new in the field of interior design. Read More

  105. Where Do Fashion Designers Work?

    Fashion designers have many options when choosing where to work. Read More

  106. Where Do Game Designers Work?

    Game designers have many options when deciding where to work. Read More

  107. Where Do Graphic Designers Work?

    Listing of primary places where graphic designers work. Read More

  108. Who Hires Computer Animators?

    Computer animators have a large spectrum of what they can specialize in within their field. Read More

  109. Who Hires Fashion Designers?

    No matter how talented the new graduate is, they have to work in the meantime, so where do they work? Read More

  110. Who Hires Graphic Designers?

    More options than ad agencies and newspapers are available for graphic designers. Read More

  111. interior design career information

    A look at some of the employment opportunities for interior designers Read More

  112. Schools for Your Career in fashion merchandising

    A career as a fashion merchandiser is ideal for those who love fashion and have an eye for new trends. Read More

  113. Graphic Designer Salary Survey Guide

    How much can you earn as a graphic designer? offers key graphic designer salary data and related information Read More

  114. Hollywood Brands Quiz: Product Placement at Its Best?

    Product placement, marketing genius, manipulation: whatever you call it, the seventh art and marketing muscle are frequent box office companions. In other words, Hollywood has long had an affair with the mega brands. Read More