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Antonelli College

Antonelli College, a reputable part of the visual arts community in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1947, has maintained the traditions of (1) excellence in teaching in the fields of visual arts and business, and (2) presenting talented students with the opportunity to develop their gifts into professional skills.


The primary vision of Antonelli College is to provide all the necessary infrastructure that equips each graduate with all the knowledge, experience and qualities to become a qualified professional as well as a complete and balanced individual. Antonelli College provides quality training that equips students with the necessary skills to gain a professional advantage in the business world today. Antonelli College provides a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and training in a student's chosen field. All training programs and courses offered by the College prepare the students for entry-level positions in their stream of choice. Students are prepared to enter today's business world while keeping an eye on the future.

Do you want a career that will let you display your passion?

At Antonelli College, we identify your artistic talents and help you to develop them to your maximum benefit in your career. Our career-oriented education programs and first-class career placement operations can always assist you to break into the arena of creative and applied arts and succeed beyond your competition. There are diploma or certificate programs, as well as opportunities to complete an Associate Degree in your chosen profession.

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Occupational Associate of Applied Business Degree in Graphic Design

The Associate of Applied Business Degree in Graphic Design readies students for careers in advertising, marketing, promotion, or printing. Entry level jobs for graduates abound in this field, and include computer production artist, advertising designer, brand identity designer, desktop publisher, freelance artist, illustrator, web designer and cartoonist.

The long list of recruiters includes:

  • publishing firms
  • advertising agencies
  • marketing firms
  • record companies
  • brand identity firms
  • in house advertising departments
  • web design firms
  • promotional companies and sign companies

This program stresses fundamental design theory and practices studied through real-world design exercises and projects. Graphic Design students will leave with the skills and abilities to take an idea from conception to implementation. Creative talent will complement skills in computer graphics to create functional and interesting visual communications that create a powerful and lasting impression on the viewer.

The term graphic designer includes a wide variety of job descriptions. Brochures and ads are developed in order to promote their products and services. One of the skills they learn is how to produce logos for products or businesses. They develop visual designs for company reports, among many other print materials.

Graphic designers often work in the publishing industry, designing the layouts for magazines and other printed materials. No matter where they work, graphic designers use their knowledge of layouts and the principals of design to develop their creations.

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Occupational Associate of Applied Business Degree in Interior Design

The Associate of Applied Business Degree in Interior Design helps student prepare for careers in this challenging and rewarding profession. This field offers great opportunities to use your creativity to manipulate, alter, and transform interior spaces into into stimulating and functional areas in which to live, work and play. Graduates will be comprehensively trained for entry-level employment opportunities such as freelance designers, design studio or design service consultants, and design sales representatives. Residential, commercial, and institutional job projects are available to skilled designers. Graduates work in varied environments ranging from department and furniture stores, design centers, art and accessory dealerships, architectural firms, construction firms, showrooms and large corporations, and the entertainment industry. Extensive training is required for entering this expanding profession. Emphasis is placed on the ability to express the client's wishes through the use of space, color, shape, texture and furnishings.

Quicker than normal employment growth is anticipated.

A good portfolio may play an important part in obtaining a job, but the role of formal education in design is equally valuable and cannot be overlooked.

Interior design is subject to government regulation and 22 states require interior designers to be licensed, so formal preparation in design is important to this field. In Ohio and Indiana, there are no licensing requirements for interior designers.

Note: You also do not need a license in the state of Mississippi.

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Occupational Associate of Applied Business Degree in Photography

The Associate of Applied Business Degree in Photography prepares students for positions in professional photography either as freelancers or as employees. Graduates will be thoroughly trained for entry-level employment as commercial advertising photographers, corporate photographers, portrait and wedding photographers, photographic lab technicians, and digital imaging specialists.

Working environments for successful candidates are varied and include independent commercial studios, corporations, advertising agencies, audio-visual and production houses to photographic labs and professional studios. Our Photography program offers a high levels of technical training and also produces an understanding of the unique contribution photography makes to the American culture. The program recognizes that professional photographers often operate private businesses, and offers training in business and management practices.

The need for photographers will continue for so long as there are people getting married and having children. Through the creative use of lighting, lenses, film, filters and camera settings, a photographer will produce pictures that record events, capture moods, and serve as a visual history. Today's photography increasingly involves the use of computer technology via digital cameras and the wide use of electronic memory rather than the using film negatives to record images.

A career in Professional Photography offers options such as:

  • Commercial Photography: Brochures, Catalogs, Magazine Ads, Product Illustration or any other print advertising that incorporates photos.
  • Professional Portraiture: Weddings, Special Events, Photo Restoration, Hand Coloring.
  • Science, Research, and Industrial Applications: Annual reports and Special Effects are some of the areas covered in our Industrial Photography course.
  • Photojournalism: Newspapers, News Magazines, Sports Photography, etc. come under this category.
  • Nature Photography: For magazine and advertisement usage as well as for use by organizations that are active in the environment.
  • Architectural and Aerial Photography: Architectural and Interior Design magazines, documentation, mapping, etc. are included in this category.
  • Professional Photographics Lab Work: Working with Digital or Traditional Techniques.
  • Police Photography: Work with law enforcement professionals.
  • Digital Specialist: Digital Color Management, Retouching, etc.
  • Designing Multimedia Presentations
  • Fashion and Glamour Photography: For magazines and other print advertisements.
  • Stock Photography: Used in numerous industries.
  • Freelance Photography: Be your own boss!

Antonelli College-DNU List of campuses:

  • Antonelli - West Chester (Satellite Facility) OH
  • Antonelli College - West Chester (do not use)
  • Antonelli College Online - Online
  • Antonelli College - Cincinnati OH
  • Antonelli College - Hattiesburg MS
  • Antonelli College - Jackson MS

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