Design of the Times

Design of the Times

Tools Every Type of Graphic Designer Should Know How To Use Graphic Design ToolsGraphic designers can diversify their talent and inspiration from various tools available in today’s market. Which ones do you use?

11/16/2012 11:11

How to Succeed as a Professional Invitation Designer Invitation Design Creative minds can often find design interests in various career paths. For those interested in becoming an invitation designer for those special occasions read this veteran’s advice on how to succeed in this specific industry.

11/02/2012 14:11

Eco-friendly Hotel Design Eco-Friendly Hotel DesignModern industrial design continues to invent innovative new eco-friendly products and initiatives for greener hotels. Here are some examples of why this transition is important for consumers and businesses alike.

10/26/2012 14:10

DIY Web Design Software – What’s New & What You Can Do

DIY Web Design Software: Design Training BlogDrag and drop software has become one of the most popular features in current web design trends. Many web design companies offer DIY software suites to accomodate the every day internet user. Publishers who update their software are not only able to communicate more efficiently with their viewers, but spend less time on the developer side of things and get to enjoy the sun every once in a while. Find out more on where you can find these DIY web design software's and decide which is best for you and your audience.

05/16/2012 15:05

Web Design Basics: Theory of Colors Visual Media in Colors The rise in online media and communications continues to demand expertise in marketing strategies. One proven technique is the use of colors and the psychology behind the choices that trigger audience interest in web design and graphics.

05/04/2012 15:05

Web Design Trends for 2012

Web DesignThe internet is constantly changing and the top-notch quality designs you see today will soon be replaced by more advanced designs that you didn't think existed. The upcoming web design trends to look out for in 2012 include responsive interface designs, over sized icons, and modal pop up boxes. 

03/28/2012 14:03

A Guide to Internships

Russian Fashion Designer Max Chernitsov

Image by MAX CHERNITSOV via Flickr

Internships are excellent for college students and even a wise investment for professional adults who are considering a change in careers. With Design of the Times' new feature on Internships and Apprenticeships, we thought it would be a good idea to describe what you can expect from an internship within the world of design.

08/01/2011 10:08

Comic Book Art: Redefined and Rediscovered

There was a time when it seemed every young artist scrambled to become a comic book artist in that golden hey day when the industry was booming, churning out title after title in a roiling sea of diamond-cut foil covers, when mainstream and independent companies alike were running strong. Roughly around the time the Internet became a household staple, things changed dramatically: comics started going online and sale of paper books dropped. Already cutthroat, the industry became a feeding frenzy of genuinely talented individuals scrambling to make a dream into reality. As in any field of entertainment, the competition became fierce for paying jobs and what was once an over-saturated market became a boneyard of dead story lines. Times changed for distributors, major companies shaved their offered titles and the search for work turned many artists away.

07/26/2011 09:07

Architecture Internships

Architectural internships are rather plentiful which bodes very well for the prospective architect cum intern. Almost all require very good written and verbal communication and AutoCAD skills; most seek interns who are self-starters with excellent follow-up abilities. After choosing which city you'd like to study in, shine up the resume or CV and tailor it to your internship of choice.

07/26/2011 08:07

Seamstress Internships

Pierre Balmain and Ruth Ford

Image via Wikipedia

If you think you have the drive and talent to become a seamstress, internships are an excellent way to spend experience the lifestyle and work environment of a chosen career field.

Always write a polished and succinct cover letter highlighting your talents and experiences in the field. Explain why you’re interested in the position and what you could bring to the table. Also sparkle up that résumé and tailor it to the internship. Make sure there are no grammatical, spelling or factual errors.

If you have a portfolio of designs and dresses, you may wish to include it. Then scour the internship possibilities online and in your local area. Seamstress internships tend to be seasonal with interns needed for summer launches. If any position is closed, make sure to bookmark it and check it again in the winter. Be one of the first to apply for best chances.

07/21/2011 07:07

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