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Out With The New And In With The Old: Madrid Leads the Way with Eco Design Initiatives

Two projects, one fleeting, the other epic, have turned the design world's green spotlight on Madrid.

01/18/2011 11:01

Of the Vintage Variety

Fashions from the Past – Shopping Vintage

Those who love vintage fashion and style should be down on their hands and knees thanking the good Lord for the invention of the internet. Sure, it’s taken some of the fun out of thrill of the chase, but it’s opened up some amazing doors for buying vintage clothing.

07/28/2010 06:07

European Chic Fashion Tips

Looking to go Euro-chic and tossing your frumpy fashion to the aisles of JC Penny from whenst it came? How exactly does one bust out of the slumpy style to get that trendy look found in magazines and the streets of Paris?


While clothes certainly make the European chic fashion, the hair is usually the first to go in the makeover process. Rarely does long, straight hair make the cut in European chic. Short bobs, dramatic asymmetrical cuts and wild do’s are a must-have for this look.

07/26/2010 11:07

Eight Furniture Designers

Producing something special is getting tougher for the furniture industry, but there are several furniture designers that take exception to this, and their designs continue to show the innovation and style that make the furniture design world buzz.

These top designers have shown that they have what it takes to ride out the economic downturn and continue to thrive in the industry by:

07/13/2010 12:07

Uniformly Fashionable

The world’s top fashion designers are getting into the uniform business. No longer are the policemen, stewardesses and the like beholden to the plain Jane, prim and proper uniforms of the past that have plagued these professions.

07/09/2010 11:07

Best Graphic Design Websites

Choosing the best graphic design websites is not an easy task. Do you know how many graphic design sites there are? Below are twelve of the best graphic design websites based on popularity, usefulness, user-friendliness, and appearance. Before starting a new graphic design website or changing your existing website, take a look through the list and see what you can find, learn, and use to for your own graphic design website.

07/06/2010 09:07

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