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Game Art & Design Careers

Video Game Design Careers Sizzle

It's the kind of job children dream of and adults drool over: working in the fast and furiously paced video game industry. If you want to make your mark in this multi-billion dollar industry, enjoy the knowledge that as video games become increasingly complex, demand should sky rocket for skilled, educated, and above-all passionate video game designers.

What Does a Video Game Designer Do?

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Interior Design Careers

Do notice your surroundings? Do your friends complement your design sense and ask you for help with their living spaces? If so, you've probably got an eye for spatial relationships and composition, and are sensitive to color. You're on the cutting edge of style -it's time you considered shaping your future with an interior design career.

Prep Yourself with an Interior Design Education

02/03/2010 03:02

Requirements for Interior Design

It is important to understand the complete admission requirements for interior design school prior to applying. However, before you even get to the admission requirements for interior design school, remember two things. First, a potential interior designer must have the right personality requirements: creative, artistic, disciplined, and organized. Second, you must research several interior design programs, paying particular attention to program length, faculty, location, costs, and course of study, so that you may find the best fit.

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How healthy is the current market for careers in Web Design?

Web Design Careers Are Hot and Hotter

In today's global economy, a strong Internet presence is a must for most businesses. The number of people who access the World Wide Web on a daily basis is growing by the millions, and more and more Websites are sprouting up to entertain, inform, and serve that growing population. It's no wonder Web design careers are multiplying at break-neck speed--companies need skilled and educated Web designers who can create an appealing and effective Web presence.

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How to choose an graphic design school

If you've decided to pursue a fulfilling career in graphic design, then the very first thing you should be researching is which graphic designing school is right for you. The education you'll receive at graphic designing school will provide the foundation of your graphic arts knowledge, thus making you widely marketable to potential employers. But what should you take into consideration while looking for the right graphic designing school? First, find the answers to these questions:

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