Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts
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Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts

The field of Digital Arts is evolving by leaps and bounds, as designers and technological innovators push the field into new realms of creativity. New designers face the exciting challenge of exploring all that digitization has made possible. Whether you are just starting your career or you are a professional looking to update your skills, the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts offers the training you need to make the most of your creative potential.


The Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts is one of the nation's academic leaders in digital design training, with foundation (1-term) and professional (2-term certificates in Photography, Digital Filmmaking, Graphic & Interactive Design, and 3D Animation. Specialty programs in Visual Effects and Game Art & Design are also available.

Students can count on a comprehensive and practical education, with access to state-of-the-art facilities and close contact with a faculty of industry professionals. In addition to a curriculum targeted to your particular interests, the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts offers ample opportunity for self-directed projects. Many of the programs feature a four-week Production Practicum, in which students create a project for a real-world client under the direction of a professional.

Digital Arts is one of the most dynamic fields in design--every day new technological developments change the face of what's possible. A certificate from the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts can help you navigate this exciting field, bringing you a step closer to realizing your creative potential.

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Students take advantage of the thorough, hands-on, practical, career-oriented education and training in the quickly growing digital arts fields. The Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts provide career training in:

  • Photography
  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Audio Production
  • 3D Animation

Technical advances in the digital, imaging and sound areas of the arts are occurring very rapidly today. No matter what your skills may already be, CDIA is dedicated to providing you the best, most up-to-date education available to meet your needs, and allows you to continually exceed your potential, in search of enhancing your skills.

The Boston University offers the Center of Digital Imaging Arts at two locations so that students from any surrounding area are sure to have an easy commute. The Waltham campus, on Moody Street, is close to the Charles River in Waltham, Massachusetts. For students in Washington DC, students can find the campus near the Foggy Bottom metro station at 1055 Thomas Jefferson Street, N.W.

3D Animation Certificate Program

Gain the skills to be a certified animator with the 3D Animation Certificate Program! Students will learn not just about art and animation, but the business skills necessary to succeed.

Students will work on a variety of projects including:

  • Product Illustration
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Character Animation

Students will be able to experience an education that provides hands-on training with Autodesk Maya. All students generate a portfolio and demo reel complete with 3D models, textures and animations to show their new skills.

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Extensive, practical, hands-on, career oriented education and training in the rapidly up-and-coming digital arts fields of Photography, Digital Filmmaking, Graphic & Web Design, Audio Production and 3D Animation are offered at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University.

Technological advances are coming faster and faster these days, and with them come unprecedented changes in digitization, imaging, and sound.

We promise to give you the highest-quality education available to enhance your skills and to help you excel in your field; whether you're just starting out or an established professional.

Professional Digital Photography Certificate Program

Make your dreams of being a professional photographer a reality with the Professional Photography Certificate. This thorough program provides students with complete training in digital camera, composition, workflow, post-production, color management, studio and location lighting, printing, and web.

By learning from photographers and digital technicians, who are world class, you will stand to gain both an invaluable network and an unique insight into the field, and you will be totally involved in commercial, advertising, portrait, event, and wedding photography.

Training with the most advanced darkroom equipment allows students to quickly learn how to create, correct, and print high-quality photographs. You can flesh out your education with training in web design, database management, business practices, and by enrolling in creative process workshops. By the time you complete this course of study, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need in order to have a successful photography business, as well as develop a professional working portfolio.

To create a learning environment as real-world and professional as possible, you'll utilize the equipment the professionals use, including leading-edge Canon and Nikon digital cameras, lenses; film scanners; extensive grip and studio-support accessories; and the most modern in studio and location lighting.

Full-time (Day): 2 terms
Part-time (Night): 4 terms

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The Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts prepares students for careers in the rapidly emerging digital arts fields of Photography, Digital Filmmaking, Graphic & Web Design, Audio Production and 3D Animation through a program of extensive, practical, hands-on career-oriented education and training.

Arts are undergoing an unprecedented change, with technical advances coming at Internet speed, due to digitization, imaging and sound. Whether you’re a newbie choosing a new and exhilarating career or an old-pro in search of enhancing your skills, CDIA is dedicated to giving you the best, most up-to-date education available, geared around meeting your needs while you continually exceed your potential.

The Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts also has two campuses for convenience's sake: Waltham campus, can be found not far from the Charles River on Mood Street in Waltham, Massachusetts, and the other is in Washington DC. The location of the campus is 1055 Thomas Jefferson Street, N.W. and nearby to the Foggy Bottom metro station.

Certificate Program: Graphic and Web Design

In attending CDIA, you will experience all that is necessary to prepare for a career in graphic and web design at CDIA with the Graphic and Web Design Certificate. With hands-on coursework that makes use of the same design software tools being used by today's professionals, you'll develop the skills you need to design for print and the Web. Publication design, color management, multimedia, interactivity are some of the subjects in which you receive practical training at CDIA. This training helps you to develop the skills needed to create collateral, websites, and digital video and audio.

You will be informed of the business challenges from the real world thanks to special presentations made by graphics and web designers who will tell you more about how you could create your own business starting with portfolio development so that your new career will be ready to be launched.

As part of the CDIA design team, you present your work and yourself. You'll be collaborating with fellow designers and learning how to work with clients. The mediums of graphic and web design have become much simpler to access and use through the digital revolutions of desktop publishing and the Internet. The Graphic and Web Design Certificate will show you how to combine these tools to create powerful, persuasive images.

Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts List of campuses:

  • Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts - DC
  • Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts

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