Computer Animation Schools Articles

Computer Animation Schools Articles

Get the latest news and reviews on the computer animation education scene. Our list of articles and guides will stimulate your thinking.

  1. How to Land a Great Internship for Computer Animation

    Companies that specialize in computer animation are looking for people who have both technical and artistic skills. Read More

  2. An Overview of Courses for Your Computer Animation Degree

    A computer animation degree requires courses in 3D design and animation of characters and sets. Read More

  3. Building Your Computer Animation Portfolio

    Learn how to build the perfect omputer animation portfolio. Read More

  4. Does Computer Animation Apply to Other Fields of Study?

    Different applications for computer animation. Read More

  5. Hollywood Brands Quiz: Product Placement at Its Best?

    Product placement, marketing genius, manipulation: whatever you call it, the seventh art and marketing muscle are frequent box office companions. In other words, Hollywood has long had an affair with the mega brands. Read More

  6. How Competitive is the Field of Computer Animation?

    Computer animation is a highly competitive field to get into these days depending on which direction you intend to go Read More

  7. How Long Does Computer Animation School Take?

    Computer animation school requires 4 years of study to earn a bachelor's degree in computer animation. Read More

  8. How to Choose a Computer Animation School

    Factors to consider when choosing a computer animation school. Read More

  9. Is a Computer Animation Degree Right for You?

    Evaluate your skills and career expectations to decide whether a computer animation degree is the right choice for you. Read More

  10. Networking in the Field of Computer Animation

    Networking is a critical component of finding work in the field of computer animation. Read More

  11. Trends in 3D Modeling

    Usage and Design Trends in 3D Modeling Read More

  12. Trends in Computer Animation

    Trends and uses of applications of computer animation. Read More

  13. What Does a Computer Animator Do?

    A computer animator creates a moving picture from a series of still photos by using a computer and special software. Read More

  14. What is the Job Outlook for Computer Animation?

    The field of computer animation is expected to continue to grow and create more jobs and job security for animators well into the next decade. Read More

  15. What It Takes to be a Freelance Computer Animator

    Factors that determine success as a freelance computer animator. Read More

  16. Who Hires Computer Animators?

    Computer animators have a large spectrum of what they can specialize in within their field. Read More