How Competitive is the Field of Computer Animation?

How Competitive is the Field of Computer Animation?

As with any field the more training and the better skills you have the easier it will be to break into this industry. Staying on the cutting edge of technology is very important and keeping a clean, crisp, portfolio will assist you in making good money with computer animation. This is a career you can never stop learning. You also can never know too much. The more knowledgeable you are the more marketable you will be.

It has become easier for people without an artistic eye, but just strong computer knowledge to get into computer animations. They are often self-taught on the computer software and tools, therefore this has created some saturation. Often they have no specialized training or any idea of how art plays in computer animation. Basically they are computer operators with useful knowledge in computer animation software.

Fortunately, this does not mean that people who are properly trained will not find jobs in this market. Your portfolio needs to be strong, informative, and impressive. Your resume should be explicit on all the training you have as well as all experience in the field. Always update your resume as you continue to learn all the latest software out there. It is best to even keep up with both the Macintosh (Apple) platforms and the windows computer platforms. How you package and present yourself is very important when trying to stand out against others who are applying.

Even though it's good to stay on top of all the latest and greatest new technology, it is also a good idea to specialize in a certain area. If creating the animation for video games, website animation, or other computer animations is what you desire to work in, it's important to go further and make sure you possess the extra training to stand out from others.

The most competitive area of computer animation is those interested in Web development multimedia. That is because many people who may not have the discerning eye that is important in animation have the computer knowledge, and often were self taught. Some may have a background in computer programming but later went into computer animations. Those who are just well versed in computer animation through software and are not artistically inclined will find it a lot tougher to land a good paying job then the person who is thoroughly trained in both areas with a discerning eye for art.

Although computer animation is a tough field to break into, don't let it discourage you from going into the field. You just need to be able to stand out because of your extensive training, and your sharp portfolio. Remember to stay on the cutting edge with the technology, and you could find computer animation, enjoyable, fulfilling, and profitable. Where you get your training could have an effect on how much money you will make so do your research and be selective.

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