How to Land a Great Internship for Computer Animation

How to Land a Great Internship for Computer Animation

When you apply to one of the major animation studios you need to make sure your creativity is highlighted to help push you to the head of the internship line.

Most large companies looking for candidates for their computer animation internship program want applicants who are in college or who have recently graduated college and who have experience that can be demonstrated. There are several ways to demonstrate your ability and show why you should be chosen for one of the limited and coveted internship positions. In addition to a resume you should make an effort to present a polished portfolio and demo tape.

With the wide use of the Internet it is advisable to setup your portfolio online. This allows companies you are interested in interning with to view your work and get to know your style even if you aren't able to meet with them face to face. A website with a professional appearance can make your application more memorable. You can create an online portfolio with a personal webpage.

When building your webpage provide multiple examples of the different methods you have become proficient in. If you have created an image that was especially difficult, provide an explanation of the steps you took to complete the project. You can incorporate videos you have created as well as images of stills that you have drawn.

Make a separate page for each type of artwork to ensure the person reviewing your application is able to quickly and easily locate any relevant information. In addition to your online portfolio you should still provide a printed copy of a selection of previous work. Include the website address as an additional source of sample work.

With your application, to be accepted for an internship with a computer animation firm you should also include a demo tape, also known as a demo reel. Your demo tape should be no more than three minutes long and should highlight only your best work. Focus on the strengths you have listed in your application. It is important to remember that quality is much more important than quantity in this instance. If you are going to use work from a class assignment make sure that it was exceptional work. Remember that many of your fellow classmates may also be applying for the same internship and if you are all submitting similar work you want yours to stand out. If your class work has been good but not stellar consider including something specifically designed to show off what you are really good at by creating a short animation specifically for your demo tape.

Finally, while it is important to showcase your strengths it is also important to let the company know why you want to be an intern for them. List examples of how you think that company, specifically, can help you grow as an animator. Demonstrate to them an understanding of their company and how their specialties would enrich your education.

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