Trends in Computer Animation

Trends in Computer Animation

With the advancement of technology, computer animation lends itself to many different fields. The increasing accessibility of technological products and its applications has created ever-changing new trends in computer animation.

Computer animation is a rapidly expanding industry that is ripe with creative opportunities. The growth of the cable industry and the popularity of the World Wide Web have opened up more trends in computer arts and animation than ever before.

Traditionally, computer animation has been geared mainly towards television and big screen film makers. Animated, computer generated, and multi-media features have become increasingly popular in both television and film, and have drawn interest from adults and children alike. Award-winning graphic film techniques have gained worldwide attention and recognition for special effects and animation.

Computer applications and video game design have become increasingly realistic and user-friendly. Computer graphic animators are breaking new ground constantly, creating applications that are more user-friendly and interactive.

Today, we are seeing stunning examples of computer animation in the most unexpected places. Creative new ideas are being applied to industries all around us, making it easier for businesses to relay useful information and services.

Web design has made it easier for people to gather information, make product comparisons, and purchase goods and services online. Interactive applications allow us to obtain immediate information at the click of a mouse.

Futuristic design concepts have provided incredibly useful applications in engineering. Computer automated drafting had enabled architects to design custom homes to customer expectations before their eyes. These techniques are also used in interior design, landscape design, constructing bridges, city planning, and even in the creation of rail and road systems.

Healthcare providers are now using computer animation to demonstrate bodily functions and processes, and human anatomy. Doctors are utilizing special programs to assist in planning and conducting surgical procedures, and with amazing precision.

Educators of all types are using computer animated programs as visual teaching aides. Students benefit from interactive learning, and from realistic graphic depictions of their subject matter.

Artists who work in all media utilize computer animation to plan, create, construct and promote their works. Even make-up artists are delving into the high-tech computer animated field to advance their creative visions.

Photographers have more platforms to create and design than ever before. Wedding and special event design trends have moved towards creative photojournalistic styles and movie-type videos. Traditional photographic sessions can produce amazing and creative results with computer animation programs.

Computer animation has had a huge impact on commercial advertising. New computerized billboards have appeared along highways that feature creative animation and design. These new-fangled boards eliminate the need for the physical replacement of signs.

Cellular phones and mobile devices are putting the technology right in the palm of our hands. People are anxious to outfit their electronics with graphics to suit their moods.

The field of computer animation only promises to expand into the infinite future. Industry trends and opportunities in the field are growing and adapting to all walks of life.

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