What is the Job Outlook for Computer Animation?

What is the Job Outlook for Computer Animation?

The field of computer animation has seen enormous growth over the past decade due in part to the advancement of animation technology and in part to the expanding career options available to those who work in the field. The job outlook for computer animation occupations is optimistic as job growth is expected to continue to rise well into the next decade and beyond.

Thanks to new animation software and techniques that have been developed, computer animation is no longer reserved for special effects that are impossible to create in the real world. Today, computer animation is chosen as an inexpensive alternative to creating a real world scene. This means more jobs for animators since this skill is now being used routinely in most films being produced today. Of course, the new technology has also opened up a whole new world of 3D films which have been warmly accepted by the viewing audience. These films require large teams of computer animation professionals. In addition, the traditional role of computer animation is still strong today. The creation of futuristic worlds and spectacular special effects which dazzle audiences in movie theaters may not be the only job for animators, but it is the one they are most noted for.

The job outlook for computer animation professionals looks good in other sectors as well. Thanks to the internet and flashy websites with animated advertisements, computer animators have another fast growing outlet for their work. They can create advertisements for major corporations or they can create animated websites and online games.

Another form of advertising that uses computer animation is found on TV in the form of commercials. Animators can find many job opportunities in the television industry in the creation of cartoons, commercials, and effects for TV programs.

The video game industry offers even more job opportunities for animators. Video game technology is rapidly advancing and many use stop motion technology which computer animators are trained in. Computer animators can be employed in this field and they can even specialize in video game design.

The job outlook for computer animation careers is so optimistic because all the major employment areas are expected to continue their phenomenal growth which will create the need for more computer animation professionals. This will provide job security for those already working in the field and will make it easier for new grads to find jobs.

The field of computer animation is very competitive however as this is a career which also requires innate artistic ability and creativity. A degree from an accredited institution with a good reputation is essential. Building up a strong portfolio while in college is also very important as potential employers will evaluate applicants based upon the work in their portfolio. A bachelor's degree in computer animation will typically be required for employment consideration by large media companies and film production studios.

The job outlook for computer animation professionals is very good and is expected to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Computer animation professionals are expected to enjoy competitive salaries, job security, and diverse job sectors to choose from.

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