Who Hires Computer Animators?

Who Hires Computer Animators?

Computer animators have a large spectrum of what they can specialize in within their field. It is common for computer animators to work for large Web development companies, television studios, film, marketing agencies, or on their own as consultants.

Large Web development companies hire computer animators. The better the website looks, the better the companies look. Many times websites have catchy flash animations as introductions. Other sites have animation throughout their websites. Either way computer animators either hired through a Web development company or directly through a large company to create or update their sites to stay on the cutting edge.

Some computer animators work in gaming where they are hired on to create a 2D, or 3D computer platform, or video console game. They are hired on by video game makers, of which there are many, all trying to produce the latest and most sought after sensation. The animators are given the general idea, but it is their duty to create the most interesting, detailed, and realistic computer animations that give the game motion and propel it forward. Computer animators are highly relied upon to either make the game believable, enchanting, and intriguing enough to keep the player coming back time and time again for more play-all because of their computer graphics. Their responsibility is to create animations visually, perhaps on a storyboard at first, and then they have to be "put" through the computer-which is the hard part. Translating an image into computer code to produce smooth unlimited motion is not easy.

Marketing companies and marketing agencies hire computer animators to create multimedia marketing materials that speak volumes through their artistic abilities and animations. Working for marketing agencies requires the ability to take an idea or thought, and create the idea through their computer graphics or animation.

Television studios are another area in which a computer animator can work. Television studios hire computer animators to create special effects and ads. Many times they will use 3D, but at times 2D is also used. They can also create cartoons. Film makers also hire computer animators for the same reasons. They create special effects, props, and ads.

Computer animators also have the option of going out on their own. Many work as consultants and specialize in a certain area. Web development is where most do end up, but their options as consultants are endless. Marketing agencies, television studios, film studios, and Web developers may also hire consultants.

As mentioned above, there are many different types of companies that hire computer animators. Even though the field is highly competitive, there is a lot of room for someone to specialize in just one or two areas. The more intense the specialization, the better chance of landing a high paying job. As the computers get more advanced and the public gets jaded, it's highly important to stay one step ahead of what's hot now - always be thinking of what's next. It's a fast paced business, ever changing, with new opportunities arising every day, which makes it that much more important to keep the portfolio updated with the latest achievements and displays of newly acquired skills.

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