3D & Computer Animation

3D & Computer Animation

Graduates of 3D and computer animation programs go on to build careers in the art, film, and video game industries.

Students graduate from 3D and computer animation programs ready to enter the workforce as design professionals. These programs offer specialization in the numerous types of computer-aided design and animation that are prevalent in 21st century entertainment. The programs give students the tools they need to create computer-aided works of art, allowing them to transfer their ideas from paper to software, bringing their ideas to life in three dimensions on the computer screen, or on the silver screen.

Graduates of 3D and computer animation programs go on to build careers in the art, film, and video game industries as artists, graphic designers, animators, video game designers, and several other careers that require education in computer-aided graphics.

Computer-aided technology is the wave of the future, and more and more industries are in need of professionals who are skilled and educated in these disciplines. If followed successfully, these programs can give students the skills and experience they need to compete, from creating models and rigging, to creating texture and composites.

Whether students take interest in full-length movie animation or video game design, 3D and computer design programs aid them in acquiring the skills they need to demonstrate their talents and do what they love.

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