Fashion Design Schools Articles

Fashion Design Schools Articles

A collection of articles and guides for tomorrow's fashion designers. Uncover the trends in fashion design education and training.

  1. How to Land a Great Internship for Fashion Design

    Tips about how to get a fashion internship. Read More

  2. How Competitive is the Field of Fashion Design?

    The world of fashion design is cut-throat competitive for those just entering the field as well as the veterans. Read More

  3. Changing Trends in Fashion Design

    Fashion is a constantly changing industry and foreseeing what will be in next is as elusive as it can be lucrative. Read More

  4. Hands on Fashion Design

    Work as a Fashion Designer Read More

  5. A Day in the Life of a Fashion Designer

    Fashion designers usually have a long work day filled with many different responsibilities. Read More

  6. Building Your Fashion Design Portfolio

    Learn how to build the perfect fashion design portfolio to land the perfect job. Read More

  7. Career Options for Fashion Designers

    Fashion designers have many career options to choose from. Read More

  8. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in Fashion Design

    What is Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for Fashion Design? Read More

  9. Does Fashion Design Apply to Other Fields of Study?

    A degree in fashion design will help graduates with many different fields of study. Read More

  10. Gain Exposure in Student Fashion Design Contests

    How to make a name for yourself while you're still in school. Read More

  11. How Long Does Fashion Design School Take?

    Fashion design school requires two to six years of study depending upon the degree one pursues. Read More

  12. How to Be a Successful Fashion Designer

    Becoming a successful designer requires more than a degree from a fashion institute. Read More

  13. How to Choose a Fashion Design School

    Attending fashion design school – what you should look for when choosing an institution. Read More

  14. Networking in the Field of Fashion Design

    The importance of networking effectively in the fashion field. Read More

  15. Put Your Fashion Sense to Work for You

    Career avenues in the fashion field for individuals with an interest in fashion design. Read More

  16. Schools for Your Career in fashion merchandising

    A career as a fashion merchandiser is ideal for those who love fashion and have an eye for new trends. Read More

  17. Visual Merchandising Careers – Basic Requirements & Training

    Job description and course requirements for becoming a visual merchandiser. Read More

  18. What is the Job Outlook for Fashion Design?

    Fashion designers can look forward to a positive job outlook which offers job security and jobs for new grads who are well prepared. Read More

  19. What It Takes to be a Freelance Fashion Designer

    Do you have what it takes to become a freelance fashion designer? Read More

  20. What Skills Will I Learn as a Fashion Designer?

    Important skills for fashion designers to learn include draping, fashion sketching, and clothing construction. Read More

  21. What to Expect in Your First Year as a Fashion Designer

    Knowing what to expect the first year is important for anyone becoming a fashion designer. Read More

  22. Where Do Fashion Designers Work?

    Fashion designers have many options when choosing where to work. Read More

  23. Who Hires Fashion Designers?

    No matter how talented the new graduate is, they have to work in the meantime, so where do they work? Read More