Career Options for Fashion Designers

Career Options for Fashion Designers

Fashion designers have several career options to choose from in the exciting world of fashion. Fashion designers have acquired skills that leave them knowledgeable on fabric types and trends. They are accomplished fashion illustrators. They have learned how to create patterns and how to sew garments and other accessories. They have also learned the art of draping. All of these skills can be spun off into different career paths for them.

Some fashion designers may want to be the head designer of a company. That goal may require years of work. The designer can also opt to create her own company and hope to become well known for her designs. Other fashion designers may be perfectly happy to work anonymously in a fashion house designing clothes and accessories as the fashions change each season. Some designers may not want to design garments at all but would rather specialize in designing handbags, shoes, hats, or linens.

Fashion designers can also choose a career in fashion event planning. This involves traveling around the world organizing fashion shows. The designer is responsible for creating the stage, lighting, and runway set up. She is also responsible for advertising the event and arranging catering for the event. In addition, she will organize the show itself by determining the order in which clothing styles are displayed on the runway. She will be backstage supervising and making sure everything goes as planned during the fashion show.

Fashion designers may also choose a career in fashion buying. For this one you will need to be in tune with trends in style and fabric. Buyers may be in charge of buying fabric for a fashion design house. They could also be in charge of buying finished designs for upscale stores or large chains.

Another career option for fashion designers is that of fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandising entails the display of store fashions in a way that is appealing to customers and prompts them to buy. To be successful as a fashion merchandiser one needs to understand human psychology and the market trends.

Fashion stylist is another career choice for fashion designers. Fashion stylists work with garments and accessories that are already completed and arrange them in an appealing way on models or clients. Celebrities often use fashion stylists as well as people who hire them for makeovers. Fashion stylists also work along side other fashion designers at fashion shows. The stylist completes the look of the model by selecting the appropriate accessories and hair style to go with the original garment creation.

Fashion designers may also choose to make a career out of fashion journalism. For this career, fashion designers review the new creations as they are released by the top design houses each season. The fashion journalist will also report on fashion related news and cover fashion shows. Fashion journalists are typically employed by magazines but may also syndicate their columns in newspapers.

There are many career options for fashion designers that allow them to combine their love for fashion with their particular career interest. All fashion design careers must start with a good education from an accredited fashion design school that teaches them the skills needed to succeed.

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