Does Fashion Design Apply to Other Fields of Study?

Does Fashion Design Apply to Other Fields of Study?

Fashion design teaches students the theory and application involved with designing products for all types of clients and consumers. It stresses the importance of idea generation, originality, and having a unique vision. The combination of these skills make fashion design graduates well-suited for positions in an array of different fields.

Some of the most common alternative fields of study for fashion design students include:

Design Jobs

It should go without saying that the eye of a fashion designer makes them uniquely talented for a number of different positions in the design world. As technology evolves, we are seeing more positions for web designers and graphic designers emerge. These jobs allow those with a penchant for design and color to assist Web sites in creating usable, visually appealing interfaces for businesses. Careers in Web and graphic design allow fashion students to remain close to their roots, while also taking advantage of all the new opportunities technology has given them.

Those with fashion degrees may also enter the world of interior design, trading in a living and breathing client for one that they can "dress" to meet their own vision. The two may seem quite different, but most designers will agree that the method for conceptualizing designs is similar regardless of whether you're designing a couture gown for the runway or instead a living room setup for a young family just starting out.


Graduates with a fashion degree thrive in the highly competitive world of advertising because of the fast-paced, cutthroat spirit that exists in both worlds. Here those versed in fashion will be able to create intricate ad campaigns to visually represent the wants, needs and visions of a client. Instead of designing a garment, advertisers design a voice and spirit of a company. The reason fashion degree students enjoy careers in advertising is because it allows them to create multi-tiered campaigns that all hold on to the same theme, similar to the way a runway collection does. Also, the pay is considerably higher. Not that graduates are concerned with that, of course. (Don't worry; it's okay if you are.)

Wardrobe Stylists:

Instead of creating the actual garments themselves, wardrobe stylists shop for a living on a never-ending quest to find the latest and hottest styles for their clients. They may mean shopping for a person or shopping a business. Whomever the client, it is typically the stylists job to outfit someone for an event, to help a busy socialite create a new wardrobe, or to assist someone who is paying them solely for their eye. Graduates may also use their fashion experience to land a job as purchaser for a major merchandising house or department store.

Retail Management:

Retail managers are employed in businesses ranging from small boutiques to large department stores with dozens (or even hundreds) of salespersons. Students with fashion degrees are well-suited for these kinds of positions because they enjoy working with other people, have an interest in fashion, and are able to help others understand basic styling principles. Because retail positions are found in every city across the globe, they also allow graduates the opportunity to work close to home.

Fashion Journalist:

Fashion journalists are employed by magazines, newspapers and designers across the country to stay abreast of the ever-changing fashion market and document new trends. Those who have their eye on the fashion industry for a long time are sought after for these positions.

Responsibilities typically include interviewing and establishing contacts with designers, attending fashion shows during the year, researching trends, as well as writing and editing news stores.

The attractive thing about pursuing a degree in fashion is that in today's world fashion is everywhere. Those who pursue careers in the fashion design industry will find it easy to transition into many different fields of study.

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