Put Your Fashion Sense to Work for You

Put Your Fashion Sense to Work for You

If you have a passion for fashion and a creative eye for what's in style, you could turn your fashion sense into a rewarding career. There are many different careers you can pursue in the fashion industry. If you are willing to work hard, you could turn an avid interest in fashion into a profitable, glamorous way to make a living.

If people are always complementing your fashion sense and unique style, you would probably appreciate the creativity and technical expertise that goes into designing the latest clothing and accessories. It's a good idea to research what a day in the fashion career of your choice is really like before making a commitment. Depending on the area of fashion design that you choose, your job will probably be expect you to have certain skills:

  • The ability to clearly sketch out your ideas
  • Create clothing patterns from scratch
  • Choose complementary fabrics
  • Promote your own designs
  • Attend various fashion shows and keep up with the fashion trade publications

Getting an Education in Fashion

The best way to get started in the field of fashion is with a solid education. Fashion design, merchandising, and other careers require learning certain skills first. Fashion design schools can be quite competitive, so apply to as many established institutions as you can to increase your chances of acceptance.

Many accredited fashion design schools offer students the opportunity to receive a bachelor's degree. There are also two year institutions that can provide an associate degree in fashion.

Some schools even give fashion students a choice of whether or not to take classes online or on campus. This can provide variation and convenience for part-time and working students.

Network Effectively

The fashion industry is largely about who you know. Making valuable business connections is an important part of getting the right job, making the right career move or getting invited to important industry events where you can meet even more important, connected people.

Make sure to always follow up with a contact when you meet them. Then make an effort to keep your network active by building and maintaining those relationships.

Careers in Fashion

There are a pretty wide variety of careers you can choose within the fashion industry. Getting the right education can prepare you for your role. For instance, you can choose the field of fashion design production and design original garments, shoes, handbags, and other fashion accessories.

Fashion marketing and merchandising experts are able to create a demand for certain fashion items based on their knowledge of fashion consumers. They know how to target certain customers based on an item and encourage them to purchase the product.

A career in fashion media and promotions consists of various creative experts like writers and editors working for the fashion department of the newspaper, magazines and web sites. Their job is to keep consumers alerted to the latest fashion trends.

There are also other fashion career opportunities in custom design for television, movies and stage theater productions. Some fashion experts provide their own services as personal shoppers for high-end, private clients.

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