Schools for Your Career in fashion merchandising

Schools for Your Career in fashion merchandising

A career in fashion merchandising can be very rewarding for someone who loves fashion. In this career, one works directly with the latest fashions and brings them to the mass market. A fashion merchandiser could be responsible for buying garments and accessories for a store, as well as arranging the in-store displays. She could even be responsible for advertising and promotion of store inventory.

To be competitive in the marketplace, one needs a degree in fashion merchandising from an accredited school. A bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising will prepare one for all aspects of retail management and merchandising. Courses offered in a BA for fashion merchandising program include classes in business law, retail advertising, buying, fashion merchandising, textiles, finance, business, and entrepreneurship.

Fashion merchandising classes teach students how to display store goods in an appealing manner. Students learn the proper way to display mannequins and learn about effective signage. In addition, they learn about inventory control and how to source garments and accessories worldwide.

These skills will prepare students for buying fashions, keeping abreast of fashion trends, managing retail shops, marketing, and setting up fashion displays. It helps if one has an eye for fashion and a knack for predicting trends. One must also develop good business and management skills which will be needed when dealing with clients and employees.

Fashion merchandisers may also work directly with fashion houses by offering advice on the latest fashion trends. They may also work as fabric buyers by traveling around the world to sample the latest fabrics and make recommendations to the design house. Fashion merchandisers who opt for a career with a fashion house rather than a retail outlet will be involved with the garment from the inception of the design until it is sold to a retail store customer. Fashion merchandisers may have many projects going on at the same time and need to have excellent communication and organizational skills.

A career in fashion merchandising begins by attending a good fashion school and learning about all aspects of fashion including fashion history and consumer buying. Students are taught about textiles and fabrics. They are taught to arrange garments on store mannequins in a way that is visually appealing. Various techniques are learned which involve the use of color and positioning in order to increase sales in a retail environment.

New graduates may choose to pursue a fashion merchandising career in a retail store or work directly with a fashion house. The job outlook for fashion merchandisers is good and has remained steady over time. These jobs may be affected in an economic downturn due to retail store closings but in times of economic growth, jobs are good since people are naturally interested in and drawn to fashion.

The day to day job of a fashion merchandiser can be very hectic, and it involves a lot of travel. Merchandisers may travel from store location to store location of a retail chain, or they may travel overseas to source fabrics. In addition, fashion merchandisers must constantly deal with customer service issues, whether the customer is an individual buyer or a large fashion house.

A career in fashion merchandising is fast paced, and it can be glamorous. There is ample opportunity for career advancement and salary increases. Fashion merchandising is an ideal career for those who love fashion and have a knack for predicting trends.

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