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Florida Technical College

We represent a two-year junior college, and we are a private school that has four campuses located in Florida. The exuberant atmosphere of Florida Technical College is immediately unmistakable. If you look around, you'll see students who constantly in motion. Their goal is to not just embark on their own career but to make a difference in the world today.


You can attend an associate degree program or complete a diploma program at Florida Technical College. Plus, in just 18 months you can graduate with a degree.

What makes our educational programs a success? We realize the secret, which is to offer students the chance to take advantage of state of the art facilities and equipment, wide-ranging hands-on training, career services, professional preparation seminars and encouraging classroom settings.

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Florida Technical College courses of study are thrilling and not static, developing over time to satisfy the requirements of pupils and the employment sector. Business and Management Technology and Electronics/Computer Technology degrees were initially provided in 1984, with the Computer Drafting and Design degree added in 1986. Medical Administrative Assistant and Network Administrative/Programming degrees, along with Network Administration and C++/JAVA Programming diplomas are recent additions to the coursework since 1996. In 2001 a course in Network Administration/Hardware was added, along with Website and Graphic Design in 2002. In 2003, the Medical Assistant course was added, along with Paralegal Studies in 2005.

The aim of Florida Technical College is to furnish instruction that empowers grads to attain entry-level positions. Florida Technical College is dedicated to promoting the academic pursuits of males and females in an array of industrial and technical fields. The College aims to sustain the versatility required to satisfy the requirements of a varied populace and the diverse academic needs spurred by the dynamic culture it serves. The college acknowledges the necessity of promoting creative endeavors and community participation suited to the institutional resources and talents.


Florida Technical College is dedicated to your achievement. Our goals are created to assist pupils in acquiring the proficiencies and confidence required to obtain positions and be competitive in the current employment sector.

  • To ready males and females in career proficiencies needed to make them eligible to enter their desired industries.
  • To promote academic pursuits and personal growth required to satisfy the needs of our high-tech culture.
  • To furnish teaching and administrative personnel with the technical know-how and capacity to imbue the greatest level of professional success.
  • To furnish the needed contemporary facilities, technology, and professional faculty to complement a constructive educational experience.
  • To furnish a general environment that will promote the development of mature and professional demeanors.

Financial aid as loans or grants is provided to eligible pupils. The College goes to great lengths to help pupils needing tuition assistance to finish their college degree or diploma. Needy applicants should submit applications for tuition assistance concurrent with their enrollment application at Florida Technical College.

Computer Drafting and Design Degree course of study at Florida Technical College - This concentration of the AS degree in Computer Data Science is composed of a mixture of classes in the areas of core academics, business and computers. These classes furnish the needed instruction to ready pupils for jobs in entry level CAD positions.

The occupation outlook according to the American Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook manual indicates that the industrial expansion and the growing complexity of design issues related to innovative materials and manufacturing methods will heighten the demand for drafters. Moreover, drafters are starting to emerge from the customary drafting position and more and more perform jobs at one time the sole province of engineers and architects, in turn increasing their demand.

Training Objectives

The current employment sector is seeking eligible applicants exhibiting quickness, accuracy and expertise. CAD classes provided at Florida Technical College furnish the expertise required in each of the three prerequisites to be competitive in the contemporary employment sector.

The Computer Drafting and Design courses instruct grads to pursue a variety of entry level jobs: Intern to Architecture or Interior Design, CAD instructor, Drafts person for Mechanics or Electronics, Civil Surveyor.

Why Select FTC?

FTC provides a channel for pupils to form connections with companies and workers currently in the job sector. Excursions and visiting lecturers deliver the most recent information on the present employment sector and what it expects. The curriculum offered at FTC provides a thorough overview of different methods of drafting and CAD, among them architectural, electronic, mechanical, civil and 3-dimensional CAD.

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Web Site and Graphic Design

A combination of general education, computer science, technical and creative courses the Associate of Science Degree in Web Site and Graphic Design was created with an emphasis on web design and programming so that the graduate could easily get an entry level position.

Career Position:

There is high demand for well trained Web Designers and Programmers. The demand for various types of skilled workers with the Internet is usually spurred by the development of new technologies. The increasing use of Internet technologies in business means there is a growing need for specialists in Internet and intranet technology to keep things running smoothly.

Due to the widespread use of new technologies, there is a high demand for technology and web design professionals by businesses who wish to communicate with their employees, clientele, and customers through these new technologies. The web design, as well as many other computer specialists careers, are projected to become even more highly demanded and to grow at faster rates than most other types of careers due to the fact that organizations of all kinds are reaching out to include more advanced technologies.

Firms have found that a good web designer and system analyst use available technology to maximize the company’s efficiency. Carrying out business through the Internet and the requirement to build and sustain web sites are searching for skilled people with knowledge in the latest technology. Additionally, the increased need for "cybersecurity" - the protection of electronic information - will increase the demand for workers with skills in information security.

Florida Technical College students who graduate from the Web Site and Graphics Design program will be ready for web design and programming. Digital imaging, animation, web graphics, web programming, and web design are just some of the available courses.

Why would you want to use FTC?

If you are looking to supplement your abilities with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of advertising, marketing, design, and illustration, then the Web Site and Graphic Design program is for you. By using the following programming languages such as: PHP, ASP, Coldfusion, HTML, Actionscript, Javascript and XHTML, one can obtain the skills and techniques for programming and maintaining web site pages.

Through the use of Fireworks, MX, Flash MX, Freehand and Dreamweaver MX the students will be able to invent, create and exhibit all of their print and online media projects. Using 3-D applications and Adobe Creative Suite (an upgrade from Adobe Pagemaker), you will expand your imagination and learn to think outside of the box.

In the Web Site and Graphic Design Program at Florida Technical College, you receive a stable and inclusive education that lets you be creative in the extremely competitive profession of web site and graphic design.

Florida Technical College List of campuses:

  • Florida Technical College - Cutler Bay
  • Florida Technical College - Lakeland
  • Florida Technical College - DeLand
  • Florida Technical College - Pembroke Pines
  • Florida Technical College - Orlando
  • Florida Technical College - Kissimmee

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