3D Engines List

3D Engines List

Game images and game programming are powered by 3D engines that are controlled by many different programming languages. Each platform, whether it is for the XBOX 360, Playstation, or PC based games use varying languages to present and render graphics and images to the end user. Programming languages used are dependent upon the engine and platform on which the game is to be developed. Some of the more common languages include VisualBasic, Java, C/C++, C#, D, and Python, but are not limited to these.

Networking systems are part of these game image engines and include peer to peer, client server, and master server structures. These parameters pertain to how the game interacts and functions while being used or played. 3D engines allow for the three dimensional graphics and high resolution images to be rendered and used without bugs in an efficient manner. Most game engines include a set of scripts, powerful source codes, and processors to enable the actual rendering of game images.

The engines supply algorithms that emulate nature, sounds, terrains, behaviors of characters, interactions between those characters, and much more. Torque is a 3D engine that allows for all of these fore mentioned properties, as well as custom libraries and personalized parameters; it was one of the first game engines in the 3D gaming realm. Almost all of the quality engines allow for customizable and personalized aspects of imaging and game rendering. An interesting note is that Microsoft Excel can be used as a 3D graphics and image engine to power gaming.

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