Game Design Schools Articles

Game Design Schools Articles

Everything you need to know about game design education and careers. Stay up to date with the latest games design news.

  1. A Day in the Life of a Game Designer

    What the job of game designer really entails. Read More

  2. An Overview of Courses for Your Game Design Degree

    What coursework is needed for a degree in game design? Read More

  3. Career Options for Game Designers

    Are you curious about career options available to you as a game designer? Read More

  4. Game Design Training for the PC Platform

    Educational requirements and tips for a PC game designer. Read More

  5. Game Design Training for Video Game Consoles

    Educational requirements and tips for a video console game designer. Read More

  6. How Competitive is the Field of Game Design?

    Different fields in life carry varying degrees of competitiveness. Find out how competitive game design is. Read More

  7. How to Be a Successful Game Designer

    There are basic principles and traits that all successful game designers have in common. Read More

  8. How to Choose a Game Design School

    Choosing a game design school can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what questions to ask. Read More

  9. How to Land a Job with Your Favorite Gaming Company

    Consider the following tips to make your name stand out above the rest so you’ll be in a better position to get the gaming job of your dreams. Read More

  10. Networking in the Field of Game Design

    How to networking in the field of game design. Read More

  11. The Dream Job for the Gamer in You

    Many intense gamers have what it takes to begin a successful game design career. Read More

  12. Trends in Game Design

    Looking at the latest gaming trends can give gamers an idea of what a game designer is working on for a new release. Read More

  13. What is the Job Outlook for Game Design?

    Are you interested in a career in game design but fearful of the job outlook? Learn the truth in the article below. Read More

  14. What Skills Will I Learn as a Game Designer?

    Skills that will need to be developed to be a successful game designer. Read More

  15. What to Expect in Your First Year as a Game Designer

    Learn what to expect in your first year as a game designer. Read More

  16. Where Do Game Designers Work?

    Game designers have many options when deciding where to work. Read More