An Overview of Courses for Your Game Design Degree

An Overview of Courses for Your Game Design Degree

Are you curious about the types of classes required for a degree in game design?

There are actually quite a few courses and options available to students studying game design. Some of the classes may be what you expect from a degree in this interesting field. Others may actually surprise you a bit but are quite necessary for some aspects of the game design process whether you lean more towards the technical aspect of design or the artistic aspect, there is much to be learned about both.

Fundamentals of Game Design

This class is a basic overview of what you will learn, how you will put the skills together, and what you should expect of yourself and the degree. You will probably get a minimum amount of practical experience in several different aspects of game design during your work in this particular course.

Digital Storytelling

This course helps you master the art of storytelling within the parameters of a video game. It is a key component in the game design process and essential to a successful game. This class is a must for your game design education. While the action and the challenge may be the heartbeat or adrenaline of a game, the story is the soul of the game. Without being able to tell the story and get the message across you will have a difficult time really selling the game as a whole.

Character Modeling

Building an excellent character is more than just drawing out a nice design. There are many layers and dimensions to the characters in any great video game. Modeling the characters allows you the opportunity to explore the character in three dimensions rather than two. It is helpful for the design process as you can see your character in three dimensions while trying to design the world around those characters.

Animation for Games

Learn how to actually draw and animate the characters and other images that will be part of the game design. You will not only learn how to design the animation but also how to import it into your final product. Animation is the life blood of most video games. The quality of the animation has direct implications on the overall enjoyment of the game.

Applied Game Design

Many classes will give you the basics of game design. Applied game design lets you get into the core. In this class you will learn how to take the process from pitch to product and learn the development methodologies that are required for the game design process, how to implement them, and how to create the prototype as well as the finished product.

Education is essential to your success as a game designer. These courses are just a glimpse into the education process. You will learn many more skills, techniques, and theories that go along with game design.

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