Career Options for Game Designers

Career Options for Game Designers

You will find a wide range of career options available to you once you have a degree and training in the field of game design. Many of these will depend on the specific program you followed for your degree. Some programs offer training that is focused on programming and computer science, others offer a more art centered focus, and others offer some combination of the two. They each have advantages and weaknesses but offer up options that are somewhat unique to that program. Your degree in game design may very well qualify you to do one or several of these jobs.

Game Design

This can be used as a blanket term or to define a specific position that actually designs games that other professionals build and put on the market. Though it can also refer to the entire design process depending on the size and type of gaming company you are working for. Game design is the degree and the field that most people with this degree hope to be part of.


This is an important component in making and designing games. Some degrees in game design prepare you for this. When you have experience working with art and animation you can use it for the purpose of game design or explore other opportunities. In other words you have options beyond game design. If game design is your goal you can use your degree to find entry level positions working on storyboards, designing animation, and with computer graphics.

Sound Design

Sound is important in games. More than you may realize. Game audio is a highly specialized discipline that requires no small degree of skill and intuition in order to correctly manage. If you have the training and a good 'ear' for sound design you could be well on your way to an outstanding career.

Game Testing/Code Breaking

Game testers play through the game in an effort to find the bugs or break the code. This is a very important part of the game design process and often reserved for entry level game designers and coders. If you want to get your feet wet in the field of game design, more often than not, it is in repairing the designs of other designers rather than creating designs of your own.


A good game is only as good as its storyline. The scriptwriter for games is an important part of the team. Some gamers play for the sake of the story while others for the love of gaming alone. If you have a way with words in addition to a love of gaming, then this may be an excellent career option for you to pursue with your degree in gaming design.

As you can tell there is a wide range of options that are open to you once you've received your degree. If your ultimate goal is gaming design you may need to take a step back and focus on a discipline within the scope of game design or become a Jack of all trades and learn a multifaceted approach to game design.

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