How Competitive is the Field of Game Design?

How Competitive is the Field of Game Design?

There is good news and bad news available when it comes to how competitive the field of game design really is. The good news is that this field is a rather large umbrella that offers many specialties. The bad news is that most of the specialties are highly competitive especially for those seeking entry level positions. This is one reason that internships and job placement services from the schools you attend are so important. So how competitive is it really?

Competitive but Growing

Game design is a field that is growing by leaps and bounds as the world becomes more and more 'wired in' and the demand for video games on multiple platforms grows. What this means for you is that more jobs are becoming available, even entry level jobs, as the technology and demand grows. The best news in these troubled economic times about game design is that this is a business that is fairly insulated from current economic woes. Even those who are casual gamers in normal circumstances are more willing to spend $60 on a video game than on a casual dining meal when money is tight, the reason being that the game provides entertainment much longer than the meal.


There are many positions available under the umbrella of game design. A game is not the work of one person alone. Whether you are an expert at design, art, sound, or you have computer skills that are second to none there are many jobs in each branch of game design that are available at any given time. If you have training that is specific to using these skills for the purpose of game design you are likely to receive preference over other entry level applicants who only have training in art, sound, or computer programming.

Constantly Evolving

The fact that there is constant evolution within the field of game design means that new positions are being created and filled all the time. It also means that those who have the most up-to-date training are the most likely candidates to fill those positions. Whether you have just graduated or have been working in the field and are looking to expand your horizons as a game designer it is a good idea to take continuous courses to ensure that you have the newest skills that are in demand.

Filled with Options

As mentioned above there are many positions that fall under the heading of game design. Any number of these positions is likely for you to be qualified for, and you can find jobs not only at the big design companies but also with independent game design companies that fill the needs of a smaller market. There are also plenty of open source opportunities to put your game design skills to work and make a profit that are a little less than conventional.

Don't let fears of job stability prevent you from pursuing the career of your dreams. A bright mind can make their own success when it comes to designing games for a living.

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