How to Land a Job with Your Favorite Gaming Company

How to Land a Job with Your Favorite Gaming Company

Many graduates of game design schools want to land jobs with their favorite gaming companies, but the reality is that competition for top companies is fierce. With so many gamers having the same goals, it's crucial to know how to make yourself stand out from the hundreds of other applicants.

Applying for your dream gaming job doesn't have to require more effort than any other job. In fact, it's rather simple to be the standout candidate, but unfortunately, many aspiring game designers just don't know where to start. Unless a business and marketing course has been offered as part of the design degree, individuals may only excel at designing—but acquiring a job with a top gaming company takes more than great design.

Consider the following tips to make your name stand out above the rest so you'll be in a better position to get the gaming job of your dreams:

Get Noticed by Others

Work hard in school and make friends with your instructors. Make sure class projects are memorable and noteworthy. Be a student that professors remember and find impressive, and a classmate whom others enjoy working with. When the time comes to ask for references and/or recommendations, they are going to be much more inclined to extend them to personable students who have proven they're attentive and enthusiastic.

Put Your Work "Out There"

A great way to make a name for yourself is to get your work out for others to observe. This means entering game design contests, advertising important class projects, and sharing your completed projects with the public. Some colleges may even offer a design studio where students can showcase their work and allow others to interact with it.

Network Online and In Person

Take the time to get to know people who work for your favorite gaming company. These people can be found on social networking sites and gaming community forums. Strike up a friendship, get to know them, and make sure that they know what you are capable of. This is also a good idea for design students still in school - you never know if the student next to you will be the catalyst in obtaining your dream gaming job. Over time, you can develop the connections you need to get your foot in the door, and these connections will remain invaluable throughout your career.

Create an Extraordinary Impression

Game companies see hundreds of resumes each month. If writing isn't your strong point, hire a professional to write a resume and personalize a cover letter for you. Cover letters should be enticing and pique the interest of the hiring professional, and your resume needs to highlight why you stand out from the crowd. Perhaps the most important part of the application process is a game designer's portfolio. Create a professional binder or other collection of screen shots, design sketches, or storyline writings to share. If you have actual gaming products to share, include a sample disc if possible, or a link to where your work can be seen online.


Another way to make a great impression is through a game design internship. These can be paid or unpaid, but landing one with your favorite gaming company will allow you the opportunity to make an impression in person. Most importantly, it gives you the chance to show rather than tell, why you should be brought on as a staff employee.

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