What is the Job Outlook for Game Design?

What is the Job Outlook for Game Design?

The gaming industry is expanding, and fast. Game designers and aspiring students are going to find many job opportunities in the coming years as more and more people turn to gaming for entertainment. Along with music and books, computer and console gaming is a top consumer industry. There are many reasons for this, but there are a few standout reasons why continued growth for jobs in game design is expected to be positive.

Games on Every Budget

People who are pursuing careers in game design can be comforted by the fact that gaming is one field that seems to thrive no matter the condition of the economy. Even when times are lean and people can't afford to go out and do many things, gaming is a form of entertainment that is economical. There are always games available in every budget range, from $10 to $50. While enjoying a movie at the theater may cost $10 each--before hitting the concession stand--buying a game provides unlimited hours of enjoyment for the entire family. Games can give an excellent return on an investment because of this, and consumers know it.

Games are Evolving, and Fast

Unlike some career fields, game design never reaches a point where it's grown to its limit or full potential. Technology continues to evolve—and with it, new people and ideas are continually embraced. Consumers don't have the time to get bored with their games, because before they can there are new options on the market for them. Each year, the top design companies release hundreds of new games, accessories, and console attachments, and more game designers will be needed to keep up with this trend. When new technologies emerge, designers will also have to incorporate more high-tech ways of developing realistic games for consumers.

Demand is Increasing, and Faster

The field of game design is constantly growing, despite the enormous competition available on the store shelves. New market groups are being discovered and demand is increasing for games to cater to them. In response, new games and gaming systems are constantly being introduced, and every couple of years these systems are upgraded and improved. Games have to evolve as these markets emerge as well--one top company has discovered that in recent years, they have been selling more games to women than men. As upgraded and new systems are brought into the stores, gamers demand a coinciding increase in games available.

Games are Fun

Job outlook for game designers will only look brighter as the industry expands, and with the fun that video games provides, there is no end to the expansion possible. Playing games allows consumers to escape from reality, enjoy a bit of fantasy, and refresh their minds with new images, thoughts, and perspectives. Just like escaping into a book, people of all ages love to engage in a good game to relax or energize - depending on their mood.

Given the fact that the game industry is such a growing industry, the competition inside the field is expected to be fierce for some time. Game designers will need to be at the top of their class to land a job at a top gaming company, though internships could be a great way to get in the door. Large design firms or small - there will be no shortage of game design jobs for quite a while.

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