What to Expect in Your First Year as a Game Designer

What to Expect in Your First Year as a Game Designer

The video game design industry is one of the fast growing job markets in the country. Video game sales are rising rapidly, which leads to great opportunities for new game designers. For many, this is a dream job. What better way could there be to make a living than to design video games all day and get paid for it?

The market for game designers is very competitive, but a new game designer can still bring in a decent salary. Employers are actively searching for the most talented new recruits they can find, and are willing to pay for proven talent. Another positive aspect of this line of work is that your salary will rise rapidly with experience.

Because of the competitive aspect of the industry, you may initially have to accept a job without the title "game designer" but within the game industry. Once you have your foot in the door, work hard, volunteer to help anywhere needed, learn as much as you can, and take advantage of every opportunity to prove yourself. In this industry, hard work will be noticed and rewarded.

As a game designer, your goal is to make a game that is fun and playable. You will use your skills to design a game targeted to a specific audience. You will need to get to know your competitor's products, including their strengths and their weaknesses. You will work closely with other members of a team, and responsibilities will be divided among team members based on their interest and experience. In your first year, you will be the low man on the totem pole. It will be a great opportunity to learn from others with more experience. The best thing you can do in your first year is to team up with a mentor and learn all you can.

You may have a chance to travel. Many video games companies participate in electronics conventions. You may be able to staff a booth or participate in panels. This is a great opportunity to network.

One of the great benefits of being a game designer is that you get to try out new video games before anyone else. You may only get to try the games being designed by your own company, but you may also hear about what other companies are working on.

There are some stressful aspects to the job. You will be expected to have problem solving skills and not to give up when potential problems arise. Things will move at a lightning fast pace at times, and you have to be able to work well under pressure.

If you design a game that becomes successful, your own success will come that much sooner. The video game industry is growing rapidly, and with that growth will come plenty of further opportunities. Best of all, you can do what you love and get paid for it.

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