Where Do Game Designers Work?

Where Do Game Designers Work?

Game design is a large field, and one that has shown steady growth. Because of this, game designers can find a good job with many different companies. Designers can choose to work within a variety of design businesses - large gaming companies, startup companies, software design firms, media firms, and more. Designers may also end up teaching at the very design school they attended. Expert game designers may even find lucrative employment with publishing companies, where they may provide consultation or writing services.

A student with a game design degree can find employment in many places, but the most common companies to work for are those that solely produce console- and computer-based video games.

Large Gaming Companies

It goes without saying that working for a large gaming company is the dream job for most game designers. These companies have numerous positions and the competition to obtain a game design position is fierce. Many game designers start out working as interns, some are even paid for that experience. Taking on interns is what many large gaming companies do to weed out the people they don't want to employ on a permanent basis - and it is a great way to find quality new game designers. As with most large businesses, employees should be prepared to work their way up from the bottom. These top firms want their designers to learn their business inside and out. They also want to thoroughly test and review what their employees can do for them. Designers who excel as interns stand a good chance to earn a permanent spot on their team.

Startup Gaming Companies

Startup design companies have many benefits to offer designers who simply want to design games and have a direct impact on production decisions. Game designers who are overly concerned with company brand recognition may not be comfortable working for a relatively unknown firm. Working for a startup is not very different from working for a large gaming company when it comes to the job description; however, the budget for games and supporting staff may be limited. Many game designers prefer working with smaller startup companies because they are given more recognition or credit for the game design. Designers who work for one of the top gaming companies may feel lost in the shuffle, and the designs are most often credited to a team as opposed to specific individuals. Working for a smaller design firm may help a designer if this is an issue.

Jobs Outside the Gaming Industry

Many game designers opt for employment outside of the gaming industry. They may use their computer skills and education to work in the fields of software design, graphic art, or electronic and print media. Some designers produce commercials, television shows, and movies, while others work with websites and general computer software. They may also work for well-known gaming magazines, producing monthly review columns, and testing new gaming releases. Some game designers prefer to teach their skills, and may find employment at an art and design school.

It should be noted that the gaming industry is expected to grow and the need for game designers will only continue to increase. Game design involves everything from sound and visual design, programming, testing, and even marketing, so there are jobs and companies out there suitable for whatever line of work a gamer desires.

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