Game Design Animation

Game Design Animation

Game design animation programs prepare students for a great career in video game design or animators for movies.

Game design animation programs train students for lucrative careers in the video game or movie industries. In most programs, students graduate with the demo portfolio that will be necessary to begin their career at almost any animation company. Most programs even offer internship opportunities with top video game designers and animation studios.

Students in game design animation programs will be taught how to use the most popular game production software. Art skills, especially drawing, will also be emphasized.

Students will learn how to model characters and environments, starting from a concept drawing and moving into the world of 3D. This process will take students through the skills of sculpture, applying shade and texture, lighting, and movement, thus rendering a lifelike creation. Students will also learn how to use animation and how to create interactive interfaces, which are essential to video game formats. Project management and planning skills necessary to completing a project will also be taught.

Upon completing game design animation program, students are ready to work in the field of game design or as an animator for movies. Career positions in the gaming industry include character or world artists, level designers, prop designers, and concept artists. Animation studios for movies also hire students trained in animation. Students may also work for marketing firms, creating commercials, or for web design firms. Students who are interested in doing a little bit of everything might enjoy a career as a freelancer, working on individual projects either by themselves or as the head of a creative team before moving on to the next project. There are a lot of options for students to pursue in game design and animation careers.

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