Game Art & Design

Game Art & Design

Game art and design programs prepare students for a career in video game design.

Game art and design programs can vary from one-year certificate programs to Bachelor of Science degrees. Although the actual courses may very, students will learn the same general skills in each program. These skills will prepare them for a wonderful and exciting creative career.

Students in game art and design programs focus on the artistic side of video game design. This includes character and environment creation, game play design, and digital storytelling. Students will also focus on developing their artistic abilities through game art based drawing and color courses. They will learn how to create models in both 2D and 3D formats, how to design game levels, and learn about game development. Work in visual arts will be emphasized, as will teamwork and communication skills. Students will learn how to lead and be a contributing part of creative teams.

There are many career options for students who have completed a game art and design program. Most students find work with video game companies. They work as conceptual artists, character builders, object modelers, or background artists. Some work as interactive designers, making the designs of other artists interact with each other and with the users. Other students work as game-play testers, reviewing already created games for bugs and other interface problems before they enter the final stages of development.

Game art and design programs are great for students who are interested in a career in video game design. Students will learn everything they need to know to succeed in a competitive career field. After completing a program, students will be prepared with a professional portfolio for a career with a game design company.

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