Listing of Graphics and Clip Art

A Listing of Graphics and Clip Art

Clip art is a term used to describe a graphic, image, illustration or photograph that is typically used in desktop publishing, advertising, print or other types of publication projects. These visual images can be in various sizes, shapes, colors, photo objects and subject matter. When clip art is used for web pages, they are usually formatted in a .gif or .jpg image files. Online clip art can be used for newsletters, commercial projects and thousands of projects to market an online business or web service. Animated clip art and graphics is a popular type of image that portrays movement on the screen. Once downloaded to your computer, animated clip art can be used by students, teachers, businesses or professionals to add a touch of creativity to their online project. Here you will find professional web sites that offer free clip art and graphics for a variety of needs.

  • Clip Art Castle: Download free clip art for use of holiday projects, parties, office or student use.
  • Foreign/Second Language Collection: Here you will find a royalty-free clip art collection for foreign or second language instruction.
  • Flickr from Yahoo: Flickr users can browse through royalty-free photographs to find graphics under a Creative Commons license.
  • Pics 4 Learning: Browse according to topic and find free graphics and images for your web page or project.
  • Morgue File: Search and filter by keyword, category, size, date, color or creative rating and find free downloadable graphics and images.
  • The Library of Congress: American Memory introduces a number of graphic collections, such as literature, maps, presidents, cities/towns and architecture.
  • Free Photos Bank: Here you will find free stock photos, images and graphics that can be used for student, teacher or professional projects.
  • Free Foto: Largest collection of free images and graphics on the internet for online use.
  • Public Health Image Library: Find free photographs, illustrations and multimedia files that are health and disease related.
  • Discovery Education Motivation Station: Clip art gallery dedicated towards school or home projects including animations.
  • Clip Art for Educators: Here you will find free clip arts, fonts, worksheets and graphics for educators.
  • Go Graph: Ultimate source for web graphics, clip art, animated GIFs, icons and photos.
  • Open Clip Art Library: Browse through hundreds of clip arts in various categories including animals, food, music, people, religion, symbol and cartoons.
  • School Clip Art: Free school clip art for student and teacher use to help teach and motivate children.
  • Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery: The USDA provides a free resource to photographs and graphics related to animals, crops and education.
  • Cute Colors: Find free cute clip arts for personal use on scrapbooks, layouts, web pages, daycare or educational web sites, newsletters, cards or crafts.
  • CA Recycle Image Gallery: Free collections of clip art and graphics related to waste prevention, oil art and symbols and waste reduction posters.
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Gallery: This online digital media library features free public domain images and graphics related to wildlife.
  • Department of Natural Resources: Free graphics and clipart related to natural resources from the Cooperative Environmental Assistance Bureau.
  • Dorling Kindersley Clip Art: Mini site used for classroom and homework activities with clip art images that can be used for school projects.
  • Designed to a T: Here you will find free clip art images that can be downloaded to your computer.
  • North Star Clip Art Resource Library: The North Star Clip Art Resource Library provides free clip art to educators on the internet.
  • Web Shots: Large collection of high-quality photographs and graphics to use with a free sign-up.
  • Q Vectors: Find free quality vector graphics and clip art for both professional and student use.
  • Animation Playhouse: Download animated graphics and clip art from a wide range of topics.
  • Freebyte Gallery: Free graphic gallery including country flags, bars and lines, animated GIFs, work and “under construction” images and more.
  • Graphic Maps Clip Art: Free clip art use for students studying world maps, flags and continents.
  • Cartoons Explored: Here you will find free cartoon clip art galleries with free download.
  • National Aeronautics & Space Administration: The NSSDC photo gallery provides students and educators with graphics of all the planets in the solar system.
  • North Dakota Project Wild Clipart Collection: Find free images, graphics and clip arts including birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

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