Graphic Design Schools Articles

Graphic Design Schools Articles

A selection of articles on the world of graphic design for tomorrow's graphic designers. Keep up to date with the latest in graphic design.

  1. What It Takes to Be a Freelance Graphic Designer

    The tools and procedures necessary to make it as a freelance graphic designer. Read More

  2. What Skills Will I Learn as a Graphic Designer?

    Graphic designers must learn many technical and artistic skills in order to be competitive in the workplace. Read More

  3. Putting Together a Graphic Design Portfolio

    Securing a job after graduation from a graphic design program can be challenging. Read More

  4. Graphic Design for the Advertising Industry

    General advice for young graphic designers with an advertising focus. Read More

  5. Scholarships for your education

    Look around the web will inform you that there are millions of dollars swilling around to pay for your education Read More

  6. What is graphic design?

    Graphic Design is the art of presenting information to the public or to a specific group and the study of visual communications. Read More

  7. What is design?

    The word design has such scattered applications Read More

  8. Does Graphic Design Apply to Other Fields of Study?

    Graphic design jobs are available in a number of different career fields. Read More

  9. Getting Hired as a Graphic Designer

    Discussing how to get your first job in the graphic design industry. Read More

  10. Graphic Design Career Options

    An overview of various graphic designer career paths. Read More

  11. Graphic Design Course Overview For Your Degree

    A graphic design degree will require a wide assortment of courses to prepare you for a wide number of career options. Read More

  12. Graphic Design for the Publishing Industry

    General advice for young graphic designers with a publishing focus. Read More

  13. Graphic Design Schools and Universities

    Take a look at some of these graphic design schools and universities. Read More

  14. Graphic Design Schools in CA

    Searching out graphic design schools in California Read More

  15. Graphic Designer Salary Survey Guide

    How much can you earn as a graphic designer? offers key graphic designer salary data and related information Read More

  16. How Competitive is the Field of Graphic Design?

    Although the competition for new graphic designers can be intense, there are many different opportunities for those determined to succeed. Read More

  17. How Long Does Graphic Design School Take?

    Graphic design school takes from two to six years depending upon the degree being sought. Read More

  18. How To Get A Great Internship For Graphic Design

    Looking for a great internship opportunity isn't much different from looking for a great job. Read More

  19. Networking in the Field of Graphic Design

    Graphic design and the importance of networking. Read More

  20. Things to consider before choosing a Graphic Design School

    There are a multitude of graphic design schools and programs located throughout the United States. Read More

  21. Thoughts on Graphic Design

    Should you aim for a two or four year degree in graphic design? Read More

  22. Trends in the Graphic Design Field

    Trends in graphic design Read More

  23. What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

    What is graphic design, and what does a graphic designer do? Read More

  24. What to Expect in Your First Year as a Graphic Designer

    Graphic designers can expect to continue learning throughout their first year on the job. Read More

  25. Where Do Graphic Designers Work?

    Listing of primary places where graphic designers work. Read More

  26. Who Hires Graphic Designers?

    More options than ad agencies and newspapers are available for graphic designers. Read More