Advertising Design Degree Programs

Advertising Design Degree Programs

Information on advertising design programs. This also includes information on the skills learned and potential careers.

Advertising design programs encompass a number of different programs including graphic communications, visual communications and advertising design. Though the programs may be different, they do share a few things in common. Students taking classes in one of these programs learn some basic skills and ideas that translate well into the real world.

These programs prepare students for a career in the advertising field by teaching them the skills they need. Students learn how to use up to date software and computer programs that professionals use to create advertising campaigns. Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign are just a few of the computer programs students learn to use. The focus of the program is to teach the students everything they need to know about using their creativity to create what the client wants and needs. To reach those ends, they take classes in public relations to teach them how to interact with their clients.

The coursework typically starts with the student learning more about 2-D design and the creation of drawing techniques. They then learn more about taking images and using those digital images to create different types of advertising campaigns. In some programs the students also learn how to create a website out of the digital images and campaigns.

Students who take part in advertising design programs go onto work as graphic artists and graphic designers. They work in a variety of fields including entertainment and advertising. Students go onto pursue careers as marketing executives and designers as well as marketing specialists.

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Graphic designers and artists are now able to enter the annual Artist Series Wine Label Design contest for The Capital Grille, and can submit their creations until October 7, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

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The Huffington Post has recently issued a contest, asking graphic designers to create a new logo. However, the winning individual will not be paid for their design - they will only be recognized by name, rather than compensation, according to AdWeek.

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