Interior Design Schools Articles

Interior Design Schools Articles

Guides and articles for tomorrow's Interior Designers and Decorators. Get the lowdown on interior design education and training and get prepared for your career.

  1. Interior Design Calendar of Events 2010 (June - December )

    A calendar of design events located throughout the US Read More

  2. Retail Space and Interior Design

    A look at the interior design of retail space. Read More

  3. An Eye on Interior Design

    New: California Interior Designers can Achieve Certification Through a Single Exam Read More

  4. The 10 Best Interior Design Websites

    The 10 Best Interior Design Websites in the Whole Wide World Read More

  5. A Brief Comparison of Accredited Interior Design Programs in Southern California

    The accredited interior design programs in southern California offer a variety of excellent courses that will make you into a professional able to meet the needs of tomorrow. Read More

  6. Become a Commercial Interior Designer

    This article discusses the requirements for becoming a commercial interior designer and the duties involved. Read More

  7. Benefits of Interior Design School

    The benefits for students who plan to attend interior design school. Read More

  8. Commercial Space and Interior Design

    A guide to commercial space and how it relates to interior design. Read More

  9. Does Interior Design Apply to Other Fields of Study?

    A list of possible educational and career opportunities where interior design can be applied Read More

  10. How Do I Choose an Interior Design School?

    Information about interior design education you should know before you enroll. Read More

  11. How to Become a Successful Residential Interior Designer

    The responsibilities of a residential interior designer. Read More

  12. Interior Architecture

    A guide to interior architecture. Read More

  13. Interior Decorator or Interior Designer: What's the Difference?

    This article explains the difference between and interior decorator and an interior designer. Read More

  14. Interior Design & Furniture

    A look at the connection between furniture and interior design. Read More

  15. interior design career information

    A look at some of the employment opportunities for interior designers Read More

  16. Interior Design Going Green

    Ways that interior design and designers are going green. Read More

  17. Interior Design Graduate Schools

    A look at the best interior design graduate schools. Read More

  18. Interior Design Online Schools

    A look at the best online schools for interior design students. Read More

  19. Interior Design Professional Societies

    A guide to professional interior design societies. Read More

  20. Interior Design Schools

    A look at the different types of interior design schools and programs. Read More

  21. Interior Design: Post Graduate Education Options

    Post graduate design degree programs, required courses, and how they prepare designers to enter the field of interior design. Read More

  22. Internships in Interior Design

    Information for interior design students on internships. Read More

  23. Kitchen and Bath Design

    A guide on interior design and the hottest trends designers find in the kitchen and bathroom. Read More

  24. Production Design

    A guide to production design and designers. Read More

  25. Tap Into Your Inner Interior Designer

    How to tap into your inner interior designer to create visually appealing room designs Read More

  26. The Difference Between Interior Design and Interior Decorating

    A look at the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. Read More

  27. The Importance of Attending an Accredited Interior Design Program

    Information about accreditation for interior design programs, and how attending an accredited school is important to a student's future. Read More

  28. What Is the Job Outlook for Interior Design?

    According to statistics from the 2010, US Department of Labor, the interior design field is expected to grow faster than average through the year 2016 Read More

  29. What Skills Will I Learn as an Interior Designer?

    An overview of the skills needed and obtained while studying interior design. Read More

  30. What's Hot in Interior Design

    A look at what's hot and new in the field of interior design. Read More