A Brief Comparison of Accredited Interior Design Programs in Southern California

A Brief Comparison of Accredited Interior Design Programs in Southern California

Give your resume the power of an accredited interior design program in Southern California. By attending one of these schools accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), you'll gain valuable knowledge for a career in interior design. You will become a professional able to successfully design interiors for a variety of cultures and uses in this changing world. All have financial aid, scholarships, or fellowships you can apply for to assist you in your goal. All you have to decide is where you prefer to live and what kind of emphasis you would like in your career.

If you want a degree from a California University, the state system offers two exciting programs with different emphases.

One program is at the California State University, Northridge (CSUN), also known as Cal State Northridge. It's located in the San Fernando Valley close to fashion and design centers with many opportunities for career-building internships. You can choose the option of Interior Design in their Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, which you'll earn a Bachelor of Science degree. Designers in this program specialize in understanding the needs of the people of the community and how their surroundings affect them, in order to successfully design attractive functional interiors for them.

Your artistic flare can flourish studying interior design at California State University, San Diego (CSUD), also known as San Diego State. You'll study your interior design program at the University's School of Art, Design and Art History in the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts which your earned degree will be a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences. You'll have internship opportunities all over San Diego.

At the foot of the hills in Burbank, you'll find Woodbury University. It was originally a business college founded in 1884 by F. C. Woodbury an entrepreneur and educator. Today it excels in meeting student needs. In addition to having a School of Business, it also has a School of Architecture, a School of Media, Culture, and Design, and Transdisciplinary Studies. You'll study interior design in the Department of Interior Architecture and earn a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture. You could also minor in subjects like animation, business, or literature. Included in the many accomplishments of the faculty members are designing spaces for DreamWorks Records and animation artists for Walt Disney Company.

You may already have a career in interior design and would like to enhance your skills with classes in UCLA's Extension program. Enrollment is open, so you can fit a class in your busy schedule without having to plan a year in advance as you would for most of these popular programs.

Most programs take three to four years to complete, but you can complete a Professional Designation in Interior Design program in the Department of the Arts, UCLA Extension in a little over two years as a full time student. You'll also have internships and mentorships available to make you more marketable.

If you are looking for a private school devoted wholly to interior design, Interior Designers Institute or Design Institute of San Diego may be the two you focus your decision on. Both of the degrees you'll obtain are specific in interior design. From the Interior Designers Institute, you'll get a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design. From the Design Institute of San Diego, you'll get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.

Interior Designers Institute's Laguna Design Center is one of the benefits you have in their program. It is closer to one of the largest design centers in the United States, the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. The faculty members all have years of experience in design and architecture and many are award winning designers.

The Design Institute of San Diego focuses on educating its students with faculty who are experts in their field. Its teachers of design and architecture all are practicing their profession as well as teaching it ; this makes for a winning combination.? The school also has artists, historians, and computer technologists serving as teachers along with MANY other experts.

Studying interior design in southern California, you have a variety of degrees to choose from along with an array of learning environments. These schools will all make a valuable and lasting contribution to your career in interior design, however you can always find quality interior design courses at other accredited interior design schools located in other US states.

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