An Eye on Interior Design

An Eye on Interior Design

According to the California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC), as of 2009, interior designers who wish to earn certification will need to take and pass only a single examination.

For the past eight years those wishing to become a Certified Interior Designer were required to pass one of the national exams, CQRID, NCIDQ or both sections of the NKBA, the supplemental CCRE. Until eight years ago, there was only one recognized national exam. The examinations are conducted in addition to requirements of education and experience that is clearly mentioned in the Section 5800 of the Business & Professions Code.

All the examinations of CCIDC are accepted since the year 2000 subject to the Section 139 of the California Business and Professions which enables to establishes a given policy that sets minimum requirement needed to have psychometrically sound examination validation, development of examination, and occupational analyses including the desired standards for test items in sufficient numbers. An assessment of the appropriateness of prerequisites for admittance to the examination is necessary, as well.

The examinations were altered because the California certification examination did not satisfy the Section 139 of the California Business and Professions Code. It will now be available even to those within the categories of education and experience under the law, including "experience only".

Building codes are constantly being altered which means that there is always a need to update the California Codes and Regulations Examination (CCRE), which is why now is the time to make these alterations. The CCIDC board thinks it is best for California interior designers to start taking one large test that would be available for anyone who was a candidate, including graduate students. Just passing the test is not enough to be become a Certified Interior Designer; students also must meet a host of other prerequisites.

New: California Interior Designers can Achieve Certification Through a Single Exam

Beginning in 2009 the CCIDC board is planning to replace the CCRD and the three national examinations with one certification examination available online at numerous locations across the state. The present examination process will be in effect throughout 2008, and CCIDC will honor those who have taken the current national exams by offering the current CCRE for an extended time period.

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How to Decorate a Loft

Interior design is synonymously undisputed as in the case of living in a loft nowadays and the technique includes as to how to decorate a loft. It began as a cheaper alternative to regular housing, but has moved to become part of a well to do lifestyle. Unused warehouses or Industrial pavilions have been converted into a form of interior design. Interior designs preparing to decorate a loft space are often plagued with the stress of decorating an unknown space as well as the doubts that bother anyone before starting a decorating project.

The spaces are vast and dominated by the atmosphere created by the original industrial use of the space. The materials can preserve the industrial feel of the space while transforming its function. Due to their shine and lack of boards, polished cement floors help make the space look larger. By choosing different colors for staining the concrete floor, you can separate the "spaces" of your loft. Very intense colors are advisable with a limited chromatic palette. When decorating a loft bathroom or kitchen it is best that you choose intense colors like reds, oranges, or greens. These colors will overpower the cold feeling that eliminates from the concrete and rid the loft of the aseptic mood.

When it comes to furniture, opt for a small amount of larger pieces. Having too many pieces will create a chaotic appearance, since the viewer will see everything with a single look. A loft should demonstrate simplicity with few items and indicate a faster lifestyle.

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