Interior Design & Furniture

Interior Design & Furniture

Interior designers handle a number of things inside any given space and that includes furniture. Interior decorators are only concerned with making the room look good, which means using furniture that fits their design scheme. Designers use furniture in different ways and may even create their own furniture.

There are many interior designers who create their own furniture or at least design the pieces and find someone to build them. This usually happens when the interior space they're working with has a unique size or shape. For example the room may have an octagonal shape and need furniture that fits into the room. Alternatively they may want a longer couch or a larger bed than is commercially available. In this situation they'll need to have the piece designed.

Interior designers have two ways they can design furniture for a specific room or space. If they have access to a professional furniture designer, they can commission the piece from that individual. The furniture designer visits the space, gets feedback from the designer and client and then creates a specific piece. The other option is for the interior designer to design the piece themselves. They then find someone capable of putting their sketch or vision into an actual piece of furniture. There are even interior design schools that offer furniture design as a minor or concentration for students.

Furniture also plays a key piece in the design schematic of a room, which makes it one of the most important things an interior designer handles during a project. The furniture inside an interior space can either make it look beautiful and pleasing to the eye or completely ruin a design. There have been designers that hated the final look of a design simply because one piece of furniture looked or felt out of place in the room.

The main concern of interior designers in terms of furniture is finding the right pieces for the right space. A contemporary sofa shaped like a large hand would look completely out of place in a traditional living room, while an antique velvet sofa would look right at home. Designers try to find the best pieces of furniture that not only fit the room, but also fit the desires of the client and the overall design scheme.

As soon as an interior designer looks at the space of the client, furniture comes into the design. The client wants to hear about the windows and walls, but their main concern is what the furniture will look like and how it will feel. Designers show the client sketches and 3-D designs of how the furniture will look in the room as well as swatches of different fabric choices they found.

All of these things come into play when an interior designer works on a space for a client. The furniture is one of the first things the interior designer focuses on because they need to find pieces that fit into the room and fit into their design. These pieces are often custom-designed by the designer and specially made for the client by a furniture designer or maker.

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