Interior Design Online Schools

Interior Design Online Schools

Online learning or distance learning requires students to learn on their own, in their own homes, and away from the traditional classroom setting. This is a great choice for those students who work full time or otherwise don't have time to attend regular classes at regular hours. Those wanting to study interior design should look at the best schools in this topic.

At the Sheffield School students can take online classes in interior design as well as a few other areas. This school has been in operation since 1985, and recently shifted from a focus on traditional classroom learning to distance learning. In addition to interior design they also allow students to focus on event planning or even work on learning how to use feng shui in interior design.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is one of the online schools for interior design. The school allows students to pick and choose from a wide variety of classes and decide when the best time is to work on those classes. Students can live anywhere and do the program since all the class work is done online. Besides the interior design program, they also offer classes and a major in residential planning.

The San Francisco based Academy of Art University has an online program for those who want to focus on interior architecture. They offer programs in residential design and furniture design in addition to interior architecture. Prior to enrolling in the program, prospective students have the opportunity to talk with the program director and ask any questions they may have.

One of the leaders in online education is Ashworth University so it isn't surprising that they have one of the best programs in interior design. The Ashworth program has two fields available: interior decorating and floral design. As this is only a two-year program, the student can use their knowledge to continue on and finish a four year degree at another school in their own area.

The Stratford Career Institute also offers online classes in interior design that are highly recognized. Their program is a two-year Associates program in either floral design or interior decorating and design. The program teaches the students everything they need to know to continue on in the field and they can do all their school work from the comfort of their own home.

Students who love interior design and want to work in the field might find it beneficial to attend classes online. Instead of sitting in a classroom every week, they do their readings and work on their own time. There's no worrying about scheduling classes around work because they set their own hours.

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