Art Education Resources

Art Education Resources

Art education is taught in classrooms throughout the world, in both grade school and university levels. The resources below will give a basic understanding of art and what is involved in art education.

Art History

  • Art History - Not sure what art history is? Read this to get a better understanding of what you can do with a college degree in art history, including specific jobs.
  • Art History Resources - Classified by the specific style of art, these links point to wonderful resources for history on art around the world.
  • Art and Art History - Whether you are looking for art history museums, information on art education, or virtual art collections online, this is a hub for all things art.
  • What is Art? - Get the basics on what the world of art incorporates, in addition to information on famous artists and the pieces of art they have created.
  • Art History for Kids - Make learning fun while educating children on art history.

Art Education

  • Art Education - A hub of art education resources including information on everything from seasonal art crafts, painting, and early childhood art education.
  • Art Dictionary - Over 3,000 art education terms listed and defined.
  • Art Education Information - Includes information on art education study guides, art lesson plan materials, and art history resources on people and culture.
  • Art Education and the Visual Arts - From art history definitions to online art history museums and exhibits, this is great tool for art education in the classroom.
  • Art Education in the Classroom - Wonderful ideas on how to implement an art education program in the classroom. Include art education example rubrics and sample art lessons plans.

Art Activities and Project Ideas

Art Museums

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - Located in the heart of New York City, this world renowned art museum has over 5,000 years worth of art.
  • Art Museums World Wide - Click on this interactive map to view the art museums on every continent and country.
  • Art Museums - A huge collection of links that point to hundreds of art museums from all over the world.
  • World Wide Art Museums - Categorized by countries, you will find the most popular art museums from all over the world.


  • Famous Artists - Organized by art movements, each category holds the most influential artists of that time period.
  • Artists Index - Alphabetically organized, you can read about hundreds of artists from all over the world.
  • Artists Biographies - Click on the individual artist to view a brief biography, in addition to images of their most popular pieces of art.

Art Lesson Plans

  • Painting Lessons - Learn the basics of painting in addition to special painting techniques and tips.
  • Art Lessons Plans - Broken down into specific lessons plans by time period, these lesson plans incorporate art from all over the world.
  • Online Art Schools - Make your own plan in an online art school.
  • Art Lessons Plans - Incorporate art history into lessons plans with these simple ideas.
  • Lesson Plans - Broken down by grade, these art lessons plans are perfect for kids ages 8 to 18.
  • How to Plan Art Lessons - If you are having trouble designing a lesson plan for your art classes, this information can help.
  • Searchable Art Lesson Plans - Search for a specific art lesson plan by subject or grade level

Art Journals and Associations

  • Art Associations - This governmental website has put together a huge collection of art associations and organizations from all over the United States.
  • Art Organizations - Including art centers, this collection of links includes major associations nationwide.
  • Arts Journal - Updating daily, you will read the latest news about information on arts, culture, and dance.
  • College Art Association - Since 1911 this art organization has been support the education and promotion of the arts.

Art history encompasses many aspects of the visual arts. No matter what form of art education you are interested in learning about, there is information and resources available on the Internet.

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