Multimedia Technology Degree Programs

Multimedia Technology Degree Programs

Multimedia technology degree programs teach skills in digital arts, recording arts, animation, and information technology.

Multimedia technology programs encompass a variety of disciplines such as digital arts, recording arts, visual communication, animation, and information technology. They also include a number of internet-related courses, including the design and creation of websites.

Students taking courses in multimedia technology programs take a class that tests their skills in different areas. The students learn how to make two-dimensional and three-dimensional models on the computer, and learn how to properly set up their computers for multimedia software. Courses in animation may include instruction on how to use the computer to create not just characters, but also the related back story, and the environment the characters inhabit.

These programs teach students the skills they need to work in a number of computer-related fields. Many students go on to work as animators in either the two-dimensional or three-dimensional animation fields. Other students work as special effects animators, while others work as graphic artists.

Multimedia technology programs prepare students to work with computers and use the skills they gain to create graphic models. They also learn about recording sounds and applying those sounds to their animations. The programs cover every possible aspect of multimedia careers to prepare students to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation.

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