CG conference sets new tone

CG conference sets new tone

on Monday,February 09,2009 20:02


The recently concluded International Computer Graphics Conference featured industry experts and professionals to showcase their work, scout new talent, and hand out awards in creative computer design.

The annual View Conference - focusing on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 3D Animation, Gaming and VFX - held in Turin, Italy, drew participants from around the world. This was reflected in the list of its award winners which featured 3D video animation from France, Denmark, and Germany.

The presentations featured, among others, Paul Topolos of Pixar, Lucia Modesto of PDI-DreamWorks, and Jack Grahm of Double Negative showing new techniques and projects spearheaded by their studios.

But it was also a chance for young hopefuls to hob-knob with industry greats and explore opportunities which may take some of them as far as Hollywood.

"We''re doing another Shrek, another Kung Fu Panda, and another Madagascar," said
Shelly Page of PDI-Dreamworks in a session dedicated to recruiting, quoted by, part of the conference''s website.

Artificial Intelligence in games was admittedly the hot topic of the conference as Ubisoft representatives explained their work on the character of Elika for the latest version of the Prince of Persia franchise.

According to the blog, the gross income in the game industry outpaced that of the film industry last year and grew by 40 percent.

Every year, View aims to reveal the new digital frontier moving from cinema to architecture, automotive design, advertisement, medicine, and videogames through lectures, meetings, exhibits, screenings and demo presentations.


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