Majtenyi unveils his 2009 collection in London

Majtenyi unveils his 2009 collection in London

on Monday,February 16,2009 22:02


With just days left before the London Fashion Week opens, an award-winning designer presented his Fall/Winter 2009 collection at the Pure London fashion show.

Andrew Majtenyi''s 60-piece collection marks a return to his signature tailored look, and the trench coat has served as his main inspiration as a timeless classic.

"The trench coat has such a rich and lurid history," says the designer. "It can be overtly sexy, sinister, or just plain perverse."

The collection, which includes subtle military references, features cool geometric designs softened by cashmere blend knits. And while black accents give a sense of darkness to the collection, that impression is moderated by pumpkin and thistle green elements which add warmth to the ensemble.

Andrew Majtenyi won several prestigious fashion awards including the Design Exchange Award for Fashion Design 2005, 2006, and 2007, and he was choice recipient for the City of Toronto FILC "Most Promising Young Designer."

He studied fashion design, color theory, and image management at Niagara, Sheridan and George Brown colleges as well as London Central School of Fashion.

Majtenyi''s next presentation will take place during London Fashion Week, scheduled to open on February 20, during a catwalk show at the Canada High Commission Ballroom.


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