Diamonds and platinum dominate Oscar jewelry fashion this year

Diamonds and platinum dominate Oscar jewelry fashion this year

on Tuesday,February 24,2009 22:02


As is the custom, stars sparkled on the red carpet on Sunday staging a unique fashion show which indicated that vintage diamonds and platinum are back this year.

Celebrity commentators and beauty specialists have been racing to put together lists of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and cuffs worn by the stars, and it appears that Fred Leighton and H. Stern collections dominated, with celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Tilda Swinton and Halle Berry choosing them.

Among the stars that reached for the vintage choice, Tina Fey wore a Fred Leighton 19th century diamond flower bracelet while Alicia Keys selected Fred Leighton 19th century diamond leaf pendant earrings and a 19th Century diamond ring.

The big winner of the night, Kate Winslet who received the Best Actress award, sported 28 carat pear shaped diamond cluster earrings, 117 carat multi-cut diamond bracelet and a diamond ring by Chopard.

The most popular precious metal of the night was platinum, and many actresses combined it with diamonds. The winner in the best supporting actress category, Penelope Cruz, accessorized her white dress with a platinum necklace studded with 69 diamonds by Chopard, while Miley Cyrus chose platinum and diamond earrings and ring by Neil Lane for $500,000.

According to observers, the return of platinum jewelry means that "classic elegance is back." One of the main reasons is that being naturally white, it enhances the brilliance of precious stones.


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