Expert weighs in on Oscar fashion

Expert weighs in on Oscar fashion

on Tuesday,February 24,2009 22:02


Two days later, Oscar glamour still has experts talking, and one commentator has offered her own take on the makeup choices of the night.

Sue Devitt, an international style expert and celebrity makeup artist, believes that from the point of view of fashion, last Sunday''s celebrations were all about color.

"Color represents Hollywood''s most profound makeup direction right now ... from blue and purple, green and coral, the red carpet is bursting with vibrant, bold shades," she says, adding that contrary to last year with its sharp emphasis on brown smokey eyes, this year the stars'' eyes were defined with primary and tertiary hues.

Commenting that the Oscars are a prelude to spring and summer looks, with actresses touting some of the hottest upcoming trends, Devitt stresses that this year fruit and coral lip colors will take precedence over deeper tones for a more classic look.

According to the artist, the stars which scored highest on the red carpet this year included Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and Queen Latifah. "Each of these women looked exquisite, with perfect symmetry between makeup, hair and dress," she says.

Last Sunday, Sue Devitt was on hand outside the Kodak Theater to provide style and beauty commentary for the red carpet coverage of E!''s pre-show programming.


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