3D TV A dream of multimedia

3D TV A dream of multimedia

on Friday,September 25,2009 21:09


The recent rush of 3D movies sneaking into local movie theaters has revitalized interest in 3D television, with Industry leaders Sony and Panasonic rolling out home units next year.

3D entertainment first made a splash in the 1950s, as theaters of kaleidoscopically bespectacled movie goers gasped at monster movies and adventure flicks. In recent years, 3D has seen a bit of a renaissance with films like 2007''s "Beowulf," and 2009’s "My Bloody Valentine" sporting state of the art computer animation and graphic design.

With 3D TV, these companies are hoping to bridge the home entertainment gap, by recreating the theater experience – and the audience is waiting. According to an In-Stat survey, 67 percent of respondents report some level of interest in 3D home entertainment.

With Sony’s Blu-ray technology providing ample space for the high definition required in 3D capture, Time reporting that Panasonic is courting movie studios to supply 3D films for the first wave of TVs, and the interest of major television networks like ESPN – "2010 will be a good year for 3D," says In-Stat.

The style conscious leery of wearing flimsy cardboard eyewear need not be concerned, as fashion designer Ray-Ban has crafted a pair of the new high-tech 3D glasses to resemble a pair of wayfarers.

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