The latest thing in jewelry Iridium

The latest thing in jewelry Iridium

on Thursday,October 01,2009 18:10


Iridium, a rare transition metal prized for being the lowest tarnishing element known to modern science, might be the latest accessory on Madison avenue as American Elements announced that it has patented and initiated the manufacture of the first wave of iridium jewelry.

"The introduction of a new precious metal to the global jewelry industry is an important and exciting once in a lifetime event," declares Michael N. Silver, CEO of the rare metals manufacturer.

Iridium has an exceedingly high melting point, making utilization of the lustrous material out of the reach of most traditional jewelers.

Using technology previously only employed in the fabrication of parts for NASA''s scientific research and space applications, AE worked closely with designers from New York and Los Angeles to create a collection of bracelets, earrings, watch bands, necklaces and a wedding band patented just last month.

The wedding rings, the only piece of the initial collection currently available, run between $1,295 and $2,530 and are available for order on AE''s website.

Those with an interest in designing jewelry can pursue a certificate-issuing education online or in several specialty schools located around the country.

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