Cleveland jewelry designer expands her operation

Cleveland jewelry designer expands her operation

on Friday,October 09,2009 17:10


When she opened her first store last year, Cleveland Institute of Art alum Alison Saville found her quarters quite cramped, but this week the young jewelry designer will have more room to stretch her legs as the spacious new location of Virescent Designs opens its doors in a grand style.

"During art walks and other times, people couldn''t even fit into my old space," Saville tells "Plus, this larger space has opened so many more doors to other artistic things I want to do."

Graduating with a degree in communication design a mere two years ago, Saville plans to use her newfound elbow room to turn the shop into a multimedia art house - creating an on-site workshop to ply her skills, providing gallery space for local artists to exhibit their work, and utilizing her sizable back-room to hold classes in sketching, sculpture and of course jewelry design.

Saville''s designs appropriate old watch parts and dried flowers and encase them in resin to create unique pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

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