Industrial designer helps bring out the cheetah in you

Industrial designer helps bring out the cheetah in you

on Wednesday,November 18,2009 21:11


Cheetahs have become the living embodiment of speed in popular culture, as such it''s only natural for people to be a bit envious of the spotted cat''s movements. Well a new personal transport vehicle called the Pardo may be the next best thing to actually being a cheetah, as the mysterious machine proclaims to imitate the speed and grace of the hypersonic beast.

The Pardo is a sustainably constructed personal transport machine that looks like some sort of racing rickshaw and is the pet project of Argentine Industrial designer Pablo Lopez. Not designed for city use, the contraption sees a seated driver operating the vehicle through two pedals on either side of the Pardo''s frame.

"My main goal is transmitting and creating sensations," Lopez tells "Parting with the fascination us human beings have with nature and our eagerness for imitating it, I began to study the cheetah and its habits during hunt. From then on I wanted to know what the cheetah feels on the hunt process and wanted to try to transmit that through my design."

The vehicle''s name is an abbreviation of the Spanish word guepardo, meaning - of course - Cheetah.

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