High-tech design firm create PC straight from a 50s comic book

High-tech design firm create PC straight from a 50s comic book

on Wednesday,December 16,2009 21:12


Whether its modern pop music sampling 70''s soul tracks or fashionistas wearing Twiggy-style sun glasses, retro has been a design choice that seemingly never goes out of style, even as it constantly reinvents itself. It would seem that it is time for industrial designers to throw their hats into the retro ring, as the new Philco PC promises to bust on the scene like something out of a Buck Rogers comic strip.

Developed by California design studio Schultze Works, the space-age Philco PC takes its shape largely from a 1950''s television - the Philco Predicta – but features a unique set of accoutrements and accents that garnered the PC top-three placement in a recent design competition.

"The design was a total labor of love," says lead-designer Dave Schultze, "but I felt so strongly that, with few exceptions, most computers are engineered eyesores. So it was very cool to receive so much positive feedback."

Boasting a CPU with grill befitting an old-school Chevette, a keyboard that is more akin to a typewriter than the modern plastic molded model and a mouse that clearly reflects the minimalist design school involved with steam punk science fiction - the machine is a uniquely stylish way to surf the net, play computer games or do one''s homework.

No information on pricing or availability of the Philco PC was available as of mid-December.

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