Interior designers plot more traditional kitchens for 2010

Interior designers plot more traditional kitchens for 2010

on Wednesday,January 13,2010 22:01


As is the case in most art forms, trends in interior design are often a reflection of the times they are born out of. In a time of increased accountability and financial struggle it may be a small wonder that analysts are predicting a return to traditional styles when it comes to remodeling one''s kitchen.

With the bulk of people investing in kitchen remodeling shifting from new homebuyers to first-time renovators, the trend in interior design has become increasingly practical. That being said, designers have been hard at work creating kitchens that are designed to provide homeowners with more bang for their buck.

What they found was that classic styles were often cheaper and easier to produce, while projecting an air of sophistication.

"The principle guideline today''s homeowners use when re-evaluating what they want in a major redesigned living space, like the kitchen, is to balance their dreams and desires with what is practical and realistic," John Troxell of an Illinois cabinet company tells the New Lenox Patriot. "A traditional design is one that never goes out of style."

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